Moodle: Quickmail, announcements, and messaging

Our Moodle site offers three options for communicating with participants in a class: Announcements, Quickmail, and Messaging. This article compares the features of each type of communication.


This is an e-mail option that is only visible to the Instructor of Record, Other editing teachers, and Non-Editing teachers. Instructors can see the full history of messages they’ve sent, but no archive is available for Student participants.


Announcements are a forum/email option. Only Teachers can post to a Moodle course. Participants receive the announcement via email and/or on-site message (depending on their notification settings), and the post is archived on a forum that all Participants can access.


This is an instant messaging/e-mail option that allows everyone on Moodle to contact other Moodle users via real-time chat (if they are online) or message (if they are offline). Offline users are notified of Messages when they log in and can opt-in to receiving Messages via email.

To view and send Messages, click on your name and choose Messages from the drop-down menu. To control how you receive e-mail, post, and message notifications, choose Preferences from this menu and edit Notification preferences and Message preferences.

Feature Comparison

The below comparison chart provides a quick overview of all three communication forms within Moodle. 

Message more than one person at a time    
Message individuals across courses    

Message the entire course
Message multiple individuals/groups in a course    
Get notified of messages via email    opt-inopt-in
Get notified of messages in Moodle app    
Save message history    
Include attachments (files, media)*    

Attention: Email systems like Outlook and Gmail have strict file size limits for attachments, and messages with attachments that exceed those limits will fail to be delivered. We’ve restricted the attachment file size in Quickmail to 20MB to ensure the messages you create stay under these limits. If you need to share larger files, upload them to OneDrive or Panopto (for audio/video) or post them to your Moodle course page and then share the links to the file with your students instead.


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