Zoom: Use Scheduler for appointment booking

Use Zoom's new Scheduler tool to enable other people to schedule online or in-person meetings with you or groups you belong to. You set up and share links to an appointment booking page that shows time slots when you are available for different types of meetings. When someone schedules an appointment, Zoom sends an email or calendar invite (with a Zoom link if needed) to the people involved and reminders or follow-up emails or texts (if desired). By default all messages contain links for rescheduling or cancelling the meeting.   

 See also the Welcome to Zoom Scheduler mini-course (14 min; requires SSO login) and Getting started with Zoom Scheduler

Before you start, yo need:

Set up Scheduler

Connect Scheduler to your Outlook calendar

All members of a team must do this before you can create a team booking schedules.

Manage your availability

Scheduler's availability settings delineate the time windows in which it should offer appointments; it then checks your connected calendar and excludes times within those windows that you are marked busy or out-of-office.

Set your availability in Scheduler

By default, Zoom assumes you are available for meetings between 9 and 5pm on weekdays; at minimum, you should edit your default availability to match your normal working hours. If your availability is different for a certain kind of appointments -- for example, if you can only do online meetings on certain days of the week -- you can create multiple availability templates.


Keep your connected calendar up-to-date 

Since Scheduler also checks your connected calendar, be sure to block off particular dates and times when you are busy or out-of-office to prevent appointments from being scheduled at those times.

Appointment booking for individuals

Create and share booking schedules that people can use to make one-on-one appointments with you.

Create booking schedules

Create One-to-One booking schedules for the different types of appointments you offer (If you are migrating from Calendly, a booking schedule is like a Calendly event type.)

  • If all of your appointments will be in the same location and the same length, you only need one booking schedule.  
  • You will need multiple booking schedules to offer appointments in different locations (office, lab, online, etc.) or of different lengths (30 mins, 1 hour, etc.)

See Zoom's Creating One-to-One booking guide for step-by-step instructions.

Tip: Zoom does not have a built-in option to enable the person making an appointment to specify the location. As a workaround, create a booking without a specified Location, then add a required Attendee Question where they can enter a location (text question type) or choose if from a list of options (single-choice type). 

Customize reminders and follow-up notifications (optional)

When someone makes an appointment with you, Zoom immediately sends you and them a calendar invite and confirmation email. You can turn on additional reminders and follow-up messages when setting up a booking schedule. Change format (email/SMS), recipients (you/attendee) and the messages in these from your main Scheduler page. 

Test, activate, and share booking schedules

How to troubleshoot, activate and de-activate and share booking schedules with people who need to book appointments.

View scheduled appointments

When an appointment is booked, Scheduler automatically a meeting invite to your connected calendar, making that time unavailable for other bookings. You can view, reschedule, cancel and join booked meetings using links in these calendar events or from within Scheduler.

Appointment booking for groups

Create and share booking schedules that allow people to make appointments with members of a group.


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