The Helperbird web browser extension adds customizable tools that making it easier to read and write online, such as enhanced contrast, text-to-speech, or word prediction. See Helperbird's website for a full list of features

Important: To get access to Pro features, you must sign up using the instructions for Bryn Mawr's license below. Do not sign up using Helperbird's Google account option. If you use Chrome, log out of your Google account before starting for best results.

Install the browser extension

  1. Go to
  2. Click Try for free in the top right to download the Helperbird extension.
  3. Select your preferred browser. Bryn Mawr recommends Chrome, and the instructions below will feature Chrome.
    Decorative image showing browser icons
  4. Click Add the Extension 

Adjust extension settings

Your web browser's extension settings control Helperbird's appearance and access. 

For example, in Chrome: 

  1. Click (Extensions) to display your browser's Extensions list.
  2. Click (Pin) icon add the Helperbird icon to your browser bar for easier to access.  
  3. Click (More actions), then Manage extension to control when and how Helperbird has permission to access websites.

See Chrome's Install and manage extensions guide for more details.  

Screenshot of Helperdbird icon (a yellow owl with big eyes) on an extensions list

Activate Helperbird Pro

You will need to  extension to Bryn Mawr's institutional subscription to access Pro features. The following instructions are for Chrome; in other browsers, the process will be similar, but the location, names, and icons used for the extensions list for may look different.

  1. Open the Assistive Technology Access document (requires log in) and copy the HelperBird Subscriber Key. 
  2. Double-click the Helperbird icon in your browser toolbar (if you pinned it) or Extensions list to open it.
  3. Click (Settings) 
    The settings icon on the Helperbird popup page.
  4. Click Account.
  5. Scroll down and paste the key you copied into the Subscription Key field.  
  6. Click Save. 

Use Helperbird

  1. Double-click the Helperbird icon in your browser toolbar (if you pinned it) or Extensions list to open it.
  2. The Quick Actions panel shows popular features; to customize, click + (Add to Quick Actions), then / (Add/Remove) next to features in the list.
  3. Turn on the features you want to use: 
    • Scroll down, (search), or (filter) to find the feature you want.
    • Click that feature's (toggle switch) to turn it on.
    • Use any buttons or sliders that appear to customize its settings.
    • If you need more info, click (Options) and choose How to Use .
  4. Once you have turned the features you need on, you can use the (Helperbird is off/on) by Quick Actions to enable and disable everything at once if needed.

See Helpbird's Overview accessibility and productivity features and Top 10 most popular features for info about available features.


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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