Moodle: Participate in a workshop activity

Have a class that’s using the Moodle Workshop for peer review? This article explains all the steps for the Workshop as they are presented in the Workshop’s “phase box”.

  1. Setup phase: This is the phase where the workshop has been created, but your professor has not yet finished setting it up. There is nothing for you to do at this stage (except let your professor know that the Workshop is not yet in the Submission phase for you to upload your work.)
  2. Submission phase: This is where you upload your submission that will be reviewed by your peers. Read any instructions if given, and then click “Start preparing your submission” to submit your work.  This is the page where you will be submitting your work and giving it a title. Depending on the type of peer review, you will either type directly into the “Submission content” box or upload a file in the “Attachment” box. Once you are done with your submission, click “Save changes” to submit it to the Workshop.
  3. Assessment phase: The assessment phase is when you review your peers’ works. Depending on the assignment for your class, you may have one or multiple submissions to assess. Make sure to pay attention to the due dates as these dates are separate from the submission dates. Click the Assess button that appears below the allocated Submission(s). Depending on the grading type your professor has chosen, the Assessment form could be a series of questions, or comments fields, or a rubric. After completing the assessment, you will be able to make changes to your review until the end of the Assessment Phase. Note: Moodle Workshop doesn’t autosave, so please Save and Continue frequently.
  4. Grading phase: There is nothing for you to do during the grading phase. You will not be able to view marks or feedback until your professor “Closes” the workshop.
  5. Close phase: This is the final phase of the Workshop where you will be able to see your grades and feedback from your peers. You will be able to see your original submission and any comments that have been given by your peers and/or your professor.


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