Moodle: Participate in a workshop activity

Instructors use Moodle Workshop activity for peer review of papers and assignments. This article explains how to find out when you need to submit your draft for review and review drafts, and how to do it.

Before you start, you may need access to the following:

  • a Registered student or Auditor role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course

View Workshop deadlines

  1. Click on the Workshop activity. 

  1.  Look at the phase timeline for the Workshop: you will only have tasks during the Submission and Assessment phases and the open/close dates for those phases tell you when you need to do them.  

Submit your draft

Submit the draft that you want your peers to review during the Submission phase:

  1. Click on the Workshop activity to open it.  
  2. If your instructor has left specific instructions for submissions, click Instructions for submission to view them. 
  3. Click Add submission to submit your draft. The interface the same as for Assignments, see Moodle: View and submit assignments for details.

Review your peers' drafts

Peer review happens during the Assessment phase. Depending on how the Workshop was set up, you might practice on sample submissions first and/or assess your own work as well as that of your peers.

  1. Click on the Workshop activity to open it.  
  2. Click Instructions for assessment to view the instructions your instructors has given for reviewing work.
  3. Click Assigned submissions to assess to open a list of submission(s) you need to review.
  4. Click Assess to start working on one.
  5. Click Save and continue editing to save feedback you've inputted so far as you go or so you can stop and come back later.
  6. Click Close and save when you have completely finished reviewing that draft.

View feedback

Immediately following the Assessment phase is a Grading evaluation phase, in which only the instructor can see the drafts and peer review feedback and assign or adjust grades if relevant. Once they shift it to the Close phase you will be able to see the results.

  1. Click on the Workshop activity. 
  2. Click Conclusion (if listed) to view general feedback your instructor is providing to everyone.
  3. Click Your grades (if listed) to view your grade(s) for the activity, which may include a grade on your draft and on the quality of your assessment.  
  4. Click Your submission with assessments to view the feedback from your peers and from your instructor for you personally.  


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