Remote learning, teaching, and work: Suggested computer accessories

This article overviews some basic computer accessories suggestions for students, faculty, and staff in remote work and learning environments. All prices are from the time of writing and are thus subject to change.

Audio-visual equipment

Upgrade your audio or video! Gone are the days of microphone static, faulty earbuds, or having to use your phone as a makeshift webcam.



Headsets with microphones

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) filters outside noise by generating a “silent” sound wave, which can result in a slight feeling of pressure in-ear.


Keyboards, mice, and styluses

No more finagling with your old laptop trackpad or faulty keys. Type and click farther away from your computer without the hassle of cords!

Wireless mouse/keyboard combos

Wireless mice

* Functional buttons are primarily forward/back thumb buttons.

Wireless keyboards




What is this and how can it be used? 


How can this be used for remote learning/teaching/work? 

Visit Apple’s website to compare models.

¹32GB is just enough if you store documents in the cloud. Otherwise, consider upgrading to the 128GB model.


USB-C to...


Additional accessories


Scanner app 

Home printer ($50-$150)

Document Camera

What is this and how can it be used? 


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