Panopto: Record with multiple video sources

Panopto allows and supplement or replace the video from a computer’s built-in webcam or room camera with video from an external camera attached to your computer. For example, instructors might add a video from a document camera, or a DIY equivalent such as a webcam on a flexible tripod, to capture video of themselves writing on paper, or performing art, music, or lab demos. (See Remote Learning, Teaching, and Work: Suggested Computer Accessories for recommended webcam and document camera models.) In classrooms with two video cameras, you can record from both at the same time using the podium computer.

Caution: Video settings do NOT affect your audio settings. You can only have one audio source at a time, which you select under the primary sources (Mac/PC recorder) or using the microphone icon (Panopto Capture).

Add a secondary video source (macOS/Windows recorder)

To add a camera as a secondary video source — that is, visible in addition to your built-in webcam or primary room camera:

  • Connect the external camera to your computer and open the Panopto recording software.
  • If you are recording with the Windows desktop app, under Secondary Sources, click Add Another Video Source and choose from the list of cameras.
  • If you’re recording with the Mac Panopto app, under Secondary Sources, choose Secondary 1 or Secondary 2, then select the camera from the Source drop-down menu beneath the preview.

Replace your primary video source

If you want to use an external camera instead of a built-in webcam or primary room camera, make it your primary video source.

  1. Connect the external camera to your computer and open the Panopto recording software.
  2. Under Primary Sources, click the Video menu (shown  below) and choose your camera.

If you select no other video sources, the feed from the document or external camera will be your only video source.

Multiple video sources in Panopto Capture

If you are using Panopto Capture (Panopto’s browser-based recording app), the order in which you choose video sources determines whether they are primary or secondary:

  1. Connect the external camera to your computer.
  2. Log into Panopto and choose Create > Panopto Capture to start a capture recording.
  3. To add a primary video source, click the video source button as shown below, and choose a camera.

To add an additional video source, click the camera icon again and choose another camera.

Camera not listed as an option

Panopto uses your operating system’s audio and video settings, so if a camera isn’t showing up you will need to address it there. Microsoft has step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting camera connections, Apple does not have the equivalent but the basic things to check are the same:

  1. Does the camera have an on/off switch, and if so, is it set to on?
  2. If using the Panopto desktop app, have you given it permission to access the camera?
  3. If using Panopto Capture, have you given your web browser permission to access the camera and Panopto permission to access the camera within the web browser?
  4. Does the camera show up if you try other USB ports?
  5. Is it a driver or update issue?

Your camera’s documentation may offer advice tips for troubleshooting connection issues.

Caution: Permissions settings are sometimes lost when software is updated, so you may need to reset them even if a camera was previously working.


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