Data Clean-Up: Storage Drives (C:, H:, S:, Q:, and more!)

This article reviews general tips and guidelines to cleaning up your various storage drives -- whether they be local (e.g., on your computer) or on the network!

Storage drives overview

  • Personal files are not permitted to be stored on any College storage drive.
  • Sensitive files (e.g., Personally Identifiable Information, FERPA-protected data) must be stored on a drive per the College's Data Storage Handling guidelines.
Name of DriveAccessPrimary Use

Local Drive (C:)

VariesOperating System, applications, and temporary documents

Home Drive (H:)


Day-to-day storage of documents and backups

Departmental Drives (S:)

Your department

Shared and commonly accessed College documents and procedures

PeopleSoft (Q:)

Various departments

BIONIC and PeopleSoft data

Other Drives (O:, R:, etc.)


Know where to look



Tips for before you begin

  • Think twice, delete once
  • Create a "to delete" folder if you're hesitant
  • Delete all P.I.I. (personally identifiable information)
  • Identify files with unknown owners

Step 1: transfer files that do not belong

Follow the Primary Use column of the table above, along with the College's Data Storage Handling guidelines, to determine where specific data belongs.

Step 2: delete files that are no longer needed

LITS strongly recommends following the College's Record Retention Policy.

Be sure to discuss with your colleagues when working in shared network drives such as the S: and Q:

Step 3: data storage tips

  • Keep a consistent file naming structure
    • YYYY-MM-DD_FileName
  • Consider how you organize folders
  • Consider the importance of a file
    • How often will you access it?
    • Can you access the information somewhere else?
    • Should the file be archived?
  • Take a LinkedIn Learning course to better understand your computer


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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