Microphone not working

Trying to Zoom or record a message, but not hearing any sound when you speak into the microphone? This article shows you up to four places where the microphone and input volumes might be set on your computer.

Physical volume controls on your microphone or headset

If you’re using a headset or desktop microphone, look for controls on the devices itself or the cable connecting it to your computer, and make sure it is not muted and the volume is turned up. Also check that the device is fully plugged in to the correct port — either the audio in/microphone jack (not the headphone jack) or a USB port, depending on the type of device.

Sound input controls on your computer

Next, check the Control Panel (PC) or System Preferences (Mac) to make sure your computer is detecting the microphone, and that is isn’t muted and the volume is turned up.

Windows ()

macOS ()

Sound input controls on the application you’re using

If your physical and computer settings are fine, but you are still having problems, check to see whether the application you are using also has microphone settings, and, if so, that the right microphone is detected and the volume is set correctly. (Not sure how to check? Google the name of the application and “sound settings” or “microphone settings”)

Flash player plug-in settings 

For Flash-based web applications, you may also need to enable the microphone or adjust its settings for the Flash Player plug-in.

When you first click on the Flash element, you may see the pop-up menu like the one depicted below; click “Allow” to enable the microphone.

If you don’t see this pop-up, or you want to check or adjust your Flash Player plug-in microphone settings, right-click (on a PC) or press Control and click (on a Mac) on the Flash element and choose Settings from the contextual menu to open it. Click on the Privacy tab (looks like a monitor with an eye in it) to check that the microphone is enabled and the Microphone tab (highlighted in the picture below) to select a microphone and adjust levels.

Attention: Web applications generally work best with the latest version of the Flash Player plug-in. If you continue to have problems, check whether you need to upgrade here. You might also try a different web browser.


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