Zoom: Host a meeting

Zoom is one of the leading services for hosting online meetings. Bryn Mawr provides licensed Zoom accounts for all students, faculty, and staff. They may be used to host class sessions, academic events, club programs, and meetings.

Warning: Some hosting features are not available on mobile devices. Also, mobile devices' reduced screen sizes can be challenging. We recommend using a computer to host meetings that are large or complex.

Hosts, co-hosts and alternative hosts

Zoom meetings and webinars can only have one host. However, you can share meeting management powers with other people by making them co-hosts or alternative hosts.

  • To enable others to start a meeting, add them as alternative hosts in the meeting settings (co-hosts cannot start a meeting). You can only designate those with a BMC Zoom account as an alternative host.
  • The person (host or alternative host) who starts the meeting automatically becomes the host. If the person who created the meeting joins after it has started, they will have the option to reclaim their role as host. If they do this, the alternative host will become a participant. Hosts may designate previous alternate hosts, along with any other participants, as co-hosts during a meeting.
  • Co-hosts and alternative hosts can do almost everything that a host can. However, they cannot designate other co-hosts, admit people from the waiting rooms, start closed captioning, start live streaming, or end the meeting for all.

Start a meeting

Depending on whether you are holding a pre-scheduled or impomptu meeting, you may start your meeting in slightly different ways.

For a pre-schedule meeting

  1. Find your meeting in one of the following ways:
  2. Start the meeting:
    • If you're on Zoom's website: find the meeting you want to open and hover over title. Select the Start button that appears when you do this. 
    • If you're in the desktop or mobile app: click on the meeting you want to open. On the next page, select Start.
    • If you're in Outlook: open the event you created for your meeting in Outlook Calendar. click on the meeting link within the event. If prompted to sign in, select Sign in with SSO. This will launch the meeting on your Zoom desktop or mobile app. 
  3. If prompted, click Join with Computer Audio
  4. Click on the Microphone icon to mute/unmute yourself and the Camera icon to turn your webcam on/off

This is going to be the option you use most often, as most Zoom meetings are scheduled ahead of time.

For an unplanned meeting

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Go to brynmawr-edu.zoom.us and Sign in with SSO. Once logged into your account, click on Host. Then, select your preferred option: With Video On, With Video Off, or Screen Share Only.
    • Open the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device. From your Home screen, select New MeetingIf prompted, click Join with Computer Audio
  2. Click on the Microphone icon to mute/unmute yourself and the Camera icon to turn your webcam on/off
  3. Click on Participants > Invite to share the meeting with others so they can join.

Admit and manage participants

Share screens and files

Advance meeting management tools


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