Moodle: Link to a Macmillan Platform

LITS has set up a LTI 1.3 (sometimes called LTI Advantage or "deep") integration that instructors can use to connect a Moodle course to materials on one of Macmillan's learning platforms (e.g., Achieve, Sapling, LauchPad). Linking to a Macmillan platform requires adding two different types of External Tools to that course: one Macmillan LTI Tools activity and one or more Macmillan Content activities, which create links to the assignments you've created on that platform.

Before you start, you will need:

  • an Instructor of record or Other editing teacher role in a Moodle course
  • an Instructor account for the Macmillan tool you have adopted
  • to set up your "course" the Macmillan tool -- see Macmillan's instructor guide for it for details

Add a Macmillan LTI Tools activity

  1. Open your Moodle course and click Turn editing on (if it isn't on already)
  2. Click + Add an activity or resource
  3. Click the Activities tab, then click External tool. 

Add activity or resource window with External tool marked

  1. Enter an Activity name, then choose Macmillan LTI Tools from the Preconfigured tool menu as shown below.

Preconfigured tool menu with Macmillan LTI Tools selected.

  1. Click Save and Display at the bottom of the screen to create the activity and launch it.  
  2. Click on the Connect with ... option your Macmillan product. 

Is your product missing? Please contact the Help Desk and request we add it for you.   

  1. Sign in using the name and email address you used to create your Macmillan instructor account, if you aren't signed in automatically. 
  2. Find the Macmillan course you want to connect and click Associate.   

Sample Macmillan LaunchPad screen with Associate button called out.

Not seeing your course? See Macmillan's troubleshooting suggestions

  1. Verify you made the right selection and click Yes, Associate This Course.
  2. You'll see a Success! message when the connection is made, click OK to close the window.  

You should now see a set of instructor course troubleshooting and support tools (Diagnostics, Roster Information, etc.) in the content window.

Note: Students see different tools for troubleshooting their own accounts and getting technical support when they open this activity. 

Additional Support

See Macmillan's instructor and student guides for your product on the Macmillan Learning Support site for detailed information on how to use it and avenues for getting support. Although LITS can help you with the Moodle integration, we do not have expertise with or administer the Macmillan platform and can't help with general support and troubleshooting. 

Note: For Macmillan's Moodle-related articles, be sure you are reading the deep integration versions. Some information in "basic integration" guides will not apply to the connection we have. 


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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