Zoom: Create meetings

There are a number of ways to schedule Zoom meetings. While you can create meetings through the Zoom activity in Moodle and the Zoom add-in for Outlook/Microsoft365, you can also schedule them directly in the Zoom app or on Zoom's website.

Before you begin, you may need:

Schedule a meeting

  1. Log into your BMC Zoom account through the Zoom web portal, the Zoom desktop app, or the Zoom mobile app.
  2. Click Schedule.
  3. Give the meeting a Topic. In the web portal, you can also select +Add Description.
  4. Use When to set the meeting date and start time. Check Recurring meeting to set up a series of meetings that use the same link, ID, and passcode (if enabled). If you select this option, determine how often the meeting will repeat:
    • Recurrence: This can be set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or No Fixed Time (if it repeats without a set pattern).
    • Repeat every: determines how often the meeting reoccurs
    • End Date: if you know the last date this series of meetings will be held. 
  5. List the people you want to be invited to the meeting in Attendees. You can search for users by their Bryn Mawr email. 
  6. Click Save to finish scheduling your meeting.

Customize meeting

Zoom provides further options for customizing your meeting. For these settings, we recommend using the default we've provided for all Bryn Mawr accounts, particularly those dealing with security. Nevertheless, you can change them if you have a compelling reason to do so.

View and manage meetings

Once you schedule a Zoom meeting, it will display on the Meetings page within your Zoom account. This includes meetings created through the Zoom activity in Moodle and the Zoom add-in for Microsoft Outlook. 

To open your Meetings page, do the following

  1. Log in to your Zoom account. 
  2. Click Meetings in the left sidebar (on the Zoom website) or top menu bar (within the app).

From there, click on any meeting to view its information. If you created the meeting, you will have the following options:

  • Start the meeting.
  • Edit the meeting details and setting
  • Delete the meeting. If this meeting is a series, you will have to clarify whether you wish to delete this one occurrence or all of them.

If you are on Zoom's website, you will see three additional options for meeting management:

  • Personal Meeting Room: Zoom creates a personal meeting room that you can use for instant meetings. This page will let you control this room's settings
  • Meeting Templates: You can save the settings for a meeting to use them as a templates for future ones. If you've created any templates, you'll find them here
  • Polls/Quizzes: this will take you to the Surveys page, where you can create questionnaires to be used in future meetings.

Invite people to a scheduled meeting

To invite people to your meeting, send them the information they will need to join:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account. 
  2. Click Meetings in the left sidebar (web portal) or top menu bar (apps).
  3. Click on the meeting to which you want to invite people.
  4. Click Copy invitation to copy the meeting link and information participants would need to dial in on a telephone.
  5. Paste the invitation into an email and send it to the people you wish to invite.

Caution: Be careful with where you copy and paste meeting information.  Anyone who has the link can join the meeting, so make sure you can trust who you're sending it to. In general, you should share the link to in settings with a small audience and where access is restricted. If you need to share in a large, unrestricted setting, use registration to secure the meeting.

Videos & reading on Zoom scheduling


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