Moodle: Guest access to courses

Enabling Guest access for a course gives view-only access to people who are not enrolled. This can include people who do not have Bryn Mawr or Haverford credentials, who can log into our Moodle site as guests to access guest-accessible courses. 

 Before you start, you will need:

  • an Instructor of record or Other editing teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course.

About guest access

  • Guests can see everything posted in a Moodle course, including readings, videos, and forum discussions.
  • Guests cannot participate in Moodle course activities, quizzes and assignments.
  • LITS temporarily enables guest access for academic Moodle courses during pre-registration and registration so that instructors can share share information with students who are not yet enrolled. 
  • Instructors can enable or disable guest access for their own Moodle courses at any time.
  • Anyone can log into our Moodle site as a guest and view guest-accessible courses. We strongly recommend creating a password for courses that will be guest-accessible for long periods of time and sharing it with invited guests.

Warning: If students need to submit assignments or take quizzes in Moodle before they have officially registered for a course, please enroll them as Auditors, but remind them they will need to officially register for the course in Bionic to receive academic credit. 

Enable/disable guest access to a course

  1. Log in to your course. 
  2. Click Participants.
  3. Change the drop-down menu at the top from Enrolled Users to Enrollment Methods.
  4. Find Guest access and click the toggle as needed:
    • (Disable) -- Guest access is on; click to disable.
    • (Enable) -- Guest access is off; click to enable.
  5. If you want to require guests to enter a password: 
    • Click (Edit).
    • Enter your Password.
    • Click Save changes. 
    • Give this password to people who need to enter the course. 

Attention: We strongly recommend creating a password for courses that will be permanently guest-accessible.

Find and enter guest-accessible courses

Courses will only show up on your My courses page if you enrolled in them. To find and enter guest-accessible courses:

  1. Log in to Bryn Mawr Moodle, using the Log in as guest option if you do not have a account. (See Moodle: Log in.)
  2. Search or browse for guest-accessible courses: 
    • Click (Search input toggle) and enter a keyword from the course title (all visitors).
    • Click Home, scroll down to Course categories, and browse through categories (only visitors logged in with Bryn Mawr and Haverford credentials). 
    • Guest-accessible courses are marked with a (Guest access) icon.
  3. Click a course title and enter the guest access password if prompted.

If you don't have a guest access password, contact the Instructor of record or Other editing teacher to request it.


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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