Panopto: Upload audio or video files

Panopto, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture platform, also functions as a streaming service. In addition to using Panopto to record lectures and presentations at home or in classrooms, you can also upload audio and video created or recorded elsewhere onto Panopto in order to share with others.

  • Audio and video can only be uploaded onto the Panopto web portal, not the desktop app used for recording.
  • Panopto supports major media file formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, and ASF. See Supported File Types for details.

Log into Panopto

There are two ways to log into the Panopto portal.

  1. Log into
  2. Log in through Moodle.
    1. Log into a Moodle course where you have the role of a Teacher.
    2. Click on the Course Settings link in the Panopto block.
    3. Click Exit to exit the course settings tab.

Add audio and video files

  1. Click the blue Create button, and choose Media from the drop-down menu, as shown below.
  2. Click the Add Files to drop-down menu and click the name of the folder where you want to place your files.
    Screenshot of the Add Files box showing the option to click to add or drag your files
  3. Upload files by either:
    • Dragging them into the box labeled Drag video or audio files here… OR
    • Clicking on that box, browsing for files on your computer, selecting them and clicking Open.
  4. A checkmark will appear by each file when it has finished uploading and Panopto will alert you when it is safe to close the window.

Note: Panopto may continue to process media for several minutes after the upload is finished. This is normal, and the time required depends on the recording length, file size, media formatting, and server load. Once the processing is complete, you can generate a shareable link to share on a Moodle site, webpage or email. (You may also copy or move the video) to the Panopto folder for a Moodle course, and the video will appear in the Panopto block for that course).

Share the link to a Panopto video on Moodle

  1. On your Moodle course page, click the Turn Editing On button located toward the top right of the page.
  2. Locate where you would like to place the link and select + Add an activity or resource.
  3. From the activity menu that comes up, choose the URL activity and then click Add.A webpage icon and the word URL
  4. In the new window that appears, you will be able to give your URL a Name. The name is the text that will be displayed linking to your video. For example, you can title your link “Film clip for Week 1.”
    Screenshot of the
  5. Next, paste your link into the External URL.
  6. Click Save and return to course. Your video is now available through this link to all users on your Moodle course page.
  7. To confirm your link is working correctly, open your link in a new incognito tab or browser.

Note: Captions will automatically be generated for all files on Panopto that are not already captioned. Make sure to check and edit these captions for accuracy before sharing the video on a website or in a course. For more information, learn more about captioning in Panopto.


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