Web Forms (Wufoo)

Which form solution is right for me?

Consult the College protocol for online forms and surveys and talk with LITS to determine the correct choice.

Several form services are in use and supported across campus. 

LITS can help with:

  • Wufoo - used for most online forms, such as simple web forms or surveys.
  • Formsite - used for forms that collect payments. Discuss such needs with Web Services.
  • Office 365 Forms - may be useful for cases where access should be limited to authenticated Bryn Mawr Office 365 users. Discuss such needs with Web Services.

Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment can help with:

  •  Qualtrics. Qualtrics is used for surveys, including IRB approved human subjects research.

If you need to collect sensitive information, contact LITS for help determining a suitable data collection and handling method. See the Data Handling Policy for details.

More about Wufoo

Wufoo is not appropriate for collecting confidential or sensitive information, or online payments. If you have questions about collecting such information, contact help@brynmawr.edu.

If you don’t have access to the College’s Wufoo account, please contact help@brynmawr.edu for access.

Links to Wufoo forms can be sent via email, or linked/embedded on College websites and blogs.


New Website Update/Edit Requests

Note: Contact Web Services via help@brynmawr.edu to get forms embedded in web pages or blogs.


Having Wufoo problems?

Review the documentation below or contact help@brynmawr.edu for assistance from Web Services. We can resolve most issues, or contact Wufoo support on your behalf if needed.

Wufoo Documentation: 

Basic documentation:

Wufoo’s documentation homepage Wufoo provides excellent documentation on their site, and we link to the most commonly used features here.

Export form entries and download in spreadsheets or other formats. Advanced feature: Batch download files your form users have uploaded.

Field types and how they work

Notifications provide email or other alerts when a form is submitted.

Confirmation options and other form settings

Advanced features:

How to build rules for your form  — set up logic to show or hide different fields based on answers to previous question, or skip to another page. Handy for longer or more complex forms.

Hide or rearrange fields with CSS keywords



If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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