Zoom: Where are my recordings?

This article explains how to figure out where your Zoom recordings were saved and how to access and share the recording files.

Before You Start, you may need access to the following:

Find recordings in the Zoom web portal 

The Zoom web portal lists both cloud and local recordings, so a good place to start if you can't remember how you recorded a meeting or webinar. 


  • Zoom cloud recordings are stored in the host's account even if a co-host or host starts them.
  • Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted from the Zoom web portal after 60 days, but copies are automatically uploaded to Panopto for longer-term use. Share the Panopto copy with viewers who need access for more than 60 days. See Find Zoom recordings in Panopto
  1. Go to the Bryn Mawr College Zoom web portal
  2. Click Sign in with SSO and log in with your college credentials. 
  3. Click Recordings in the left sidebar.
    • Click the Cloud Recordings tab to see recordings currently stored on Zoom cloud; select a meeting to Share, Download or Delete it.
    • Click the Local Recordings to see a list of meetings recorded locally and the name(s) and file path(s) of the computer(s) where recordings were stored. If you are logged into a computer where recordings are stored, click Open to launch the desktop app and manage them. See also Find local recordings with the Zoom desktop app.  

Find Zoom recordings in Panopto

Storage on Zoom Cloud is limited, so we also upload copies of Zoom cloud recordings to Panopto for longer-term access and storage. 

  • Recordings of meetings scheduled with a Moodle Zoom activity are stored in that course’s Panopto folder.
  • All other meetings are stored in the Meeting Recordings folder inside your personal Panopto folder (My Folder).
  • By default, the Panopto copy of a Zoom recording will also be shared with Zoom meeting participants. Find the recording in Panopto and click Share to change who can access it (see Panopto: Share recordings). 
  • Any live caption created in Zoom will be saved and added to the Panopto recording as closed captions. (See Captioning in Panopto).
  • You can copy or move and edit the Panopto copies of Zoom recordings as you would any other recording; changes will not affect the copy stored in Zoom.
  • Edits and sharing changes you make to the Panopto copy do NOT the Zoom copy in any way.

Find local recordings with the Zoom desktop app

Use the Zoom desktop client app to find and manage recordings you've stored on a computer.

  1. Log into the computer. 
  2. Start the Zoom desktop client app
  3. Click the Meetings tab. 
  4. Click the Recorded tab.
  5. Select a meeting you recorded to the computer to: 
    • See the file path where the recording files are stored. 
    • Click Open to open this folder.
    • Click Play or Play Audio to play recording files. 
    • Click Delete to delete the recording files. 

Desktop app with locally recorded meeting selected.

If Open is the only option listed, the recording was saved to the cloud.  

Note: By default, local recordings on shared computers are stored at the user account level; the user who logged in to the computer and recorded the file or an admin on that computer will need to log in to retrieve it. If you 


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