Zoom: Where are my recordings?

While Zoom is the College's preferred solution for hosting online meetings, we do not use it to save and share meeting recordings. Instead, we use a separate service, Panopto, for this purpose. Zoom meetings that are recorded to the cloud are automatically saved to Panopto. This article covers how to record Zoom meetings to the cloud and find the recordings in Panopto.

Before You Start, you may need access to the following:

Create recordings in Zoom

Before a meeting can be stored and shared in Panopto, it will need to be recorded in Zoom. 

  1. Start your meeting
  2. Click Record.
  3. Select one of the three options in the pop-up menu:
    • Record to the cloud: select this if you would like to have this recording saved to Panopto. We recommend always using this version when making a class recording. Saving a recording to Panopto ensures you can access it remotely in case anything happens to your local computer. Furthermore, it prevents the meeting recording from taking up a huge amount of space on your local computer's memory. 
    • Record on this computer: use this if you want to save the recording to the computer you're using to run the meeting.
      We do not recommend this—long recordings take up a lot of memory space and can be lost if something happens to your device. Use this at your own risk.
    • Enable Smart Recording with AI Companion: this option is disabled on Bryn Mawr accounts.

Attention: during a meeting, you may get a request from a participant asking for permission to record it to their local computer. We recommend refusing these request unless it helps a student receive necessary accommodations. 

Find Zoom recordings in Panopto

Once you have made a recoding on Zoom and selected Record to the Cloud, Zoom will automatically begin the process of transferring the recording to Panopto. This process can take some time, particularly if the video is longer. If you need to access your recording earlier than that, Zoom does save it for 60 days. You access these recordings through Zoom's website. Please note Zoom cloud recordings are stored in the host's account even if a co-host or alternative host starts them.

Once the recording has fully transferred over the Panopto, please keep in mind the following:

  • Meeting Recordings are stored inside the host's personal folder. They will be located in a sub-folder titled Meeting Recordings.
  • The Panopto copy of a Zoom recording will be shared with meeting participants. If you want to change or limit this access, find the recording in Panopto and change its sharing settings
  • Any live caption created in Zoom will be saved and added to the Panopto recording as closed captions.  
  • You can copy, move, or edit the Panopto copy of Zoom recording without altering the original. Changes do not move from Panopto to Zoom in this way. Still, the original recording will be deleted from Zoom after 60 days. 

Note: By default, local recordings on shared computers are stored at the user account level; the user who logged in to the computer and recorded the file or an admin on that computer will need to log in to retrieve it.


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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