Drupal - Basic: Upload and Link to Documents in Drupal

Accessibility and Documents on the Web

Before uploading any documents to a Bryn Mawr website, please remember that documents online need to meet Accessibility Standards.

To read about all things Accessibility by looking for articles with the Accessibility tag in this Knowledge Base.

Follow the LITS blog check accessibility tag to learn more about Accessibility and assistive technology.

To create Accessible Documents, look for these articles in our Knowledge Base:

  • Create Accessible Documents in Microsoft Word
  • Create Accessible Slides in PowerPoint
  • Make PDFs Accessible with Adobe Acrobat

Link to an Existing Document

To link to a document that is already in Drupal from a Page or other content types with the WYSIWYG editor.

Type your desired link text.

Highlight the link text.

screenshot wysisyg

Click the link button

In the “Search Content” box, begin typing the name of your file. Your file should appear in the list if it is available. Since you are looking for a File (Document) you would need to scroll down and look in that specific section list.

screenshot wysisyg add link url

Once you have clicked on the Title of the File you are seeking, Drupal will put in the file’s very boring Drupal path. In this case it is /media/45441  This is the Drupal Reference for that Entity, otherwise known as the Entity Reference.

screenshot wysisyg link url path

Click “Save” to finish.

Upload a New Document

Remove spaces from document file names. Spaces will cause errors in your links.

Files must be smaller than 15MB.

While working within a Page (or News) you can use the WYSIWYG editor to upload a new document.

Type your desired link text.

Highlight the link text.

screenshot wysisyg

Click the link button.  

Once the pop-up window opens, Select “Upload Document”

screenshot wysisyg add link url

This will open a new browser tab with the following page

screenshot drupal add file edit screen

Add File Page

Fill in the Name of the file.

screenshot name field

Then click Choose File in the File (Document) field

screenshot document choose field

Clicking on “Choose File” will open a pop-up window for you to locate and choose your file.

screenshot file finder on laptop

Once you select the file and click the Open button, you will be returned to the Add File page

screenshot drupal add file edit screen

Click the Save button

This will bring you to the Media File list view where you can see that your file was successfully uploaded

screenshot drupal media view page

You can now return to the browser tab in which you were editing your page. You will still see the Add Link pop-up box.

screenshot wysisyg add link url

Now, since you uploaded the file, you should be able to start typing the title of the file you just made and see it in the list under the Media – File (Document) section

screenshot wysisyg link title select

Once you click on the title, you will see the Drupal path (/media/###) appear in the URL field where you just were typing the title

screenshot wysisyg link url path

Click “Save” to finish.

Now you can continue editing or creating content in the rest of your page, if needed.

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