Scan and copy with printers

The Canon Multifunction Copiers can be used to copy documents and scan them to a USB flash drive or the College's network drives. These copiers include the public printers available in public labs as well as any Canon-brand departmental printers

Scan documents

Tip: We have documentation for how to make accessible scans with optical character recognition!

Scan to a network drive

Tip: You can easily access your scans on your computer by connecting to a network drive.
  • Swipe/tap your OneCard to login
  • Tap Secure Print Scan
  • Press Scan
  • Choose a destination
  • Adjust your scan settings as necessary
    • Double-sided documents: select duplex
    • Receipts: change Same Originals to a mixed setting
  • Press Start
  • If prompted, select a paper size and press Start
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and press Next
  • To continue scanning, press Scan -- otherwise, press Main Menu
  • Press Log Out

Scan to a USB flash drive

  1. Swipe/tap your OneCard to login
  2. Insert your USB drive into the printer
  3. Tap Scan and Store
  4. Select Memory Media
  5. Select your USB drive, typically labelled Memory Media (A:)
  6. Navigate to the desired destination of your document(s)
  7. Press Scan
  8. Adjust your scan settings as necessary
  9. Press Start
  10. For additional scans, place them on the glass scan bed and press Start again
  11. When you are finished scanning, press Start Storing
  12. Press the green Eject button in the bottom-right corner
  13. If prompted, press Remove
  14. Press Log Out

Advanced scan options

Canon provides the following documentation about copy and scan settings. Some of these settings only apply to copies.

Copy documents

  1. Log in to the printer:

    Bryn Mawr personnel: tap your OneCard on the panel next to the printer screen.

    Haverford personnel and visitors with a visitor account:

    1. Tap the User Name field, enter your College email address or visitor account username (including, and then tap OK.
    2. Do the same in the Password field with your College password or visitor account password.
    3. Tap Login.
  2. Tap Copy.
  3. Adjust your copy settings as desired.
  4. Tap Start.

Advanced options. Canon provides the following documentation about copy settings. These settings can also apply to scans as well.

Tip: Want to learn more? Register with Canon e-learning using the Serial Number of your printer.


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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