Panopto: Quizzes

Panopto enables video Creators to add quiz questions at any point in a video. (Note that quizzes can only be taken by users who are signed in to Panopto through our Bryn Mawr College account. Learn how to get a Panopto Account).

Panopto quiz features 

Adding a quiz in Panopto can be an effective way to engage viewers and create check points for assessment throughout video content. Types of quiz questions that Panopto supports include: 

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select
  • Fill In the Blank

Panopto quiz with multiple choice

Additionally, quiz results can be viewed in the video settings, where you can see a results summary by user and download full results as a .csv file.

Our latest Moodle version now allows Panopto in-video quiz results to be tied to a grade in the Moodle gradebook

To learn more about quizzing in Panopto, please see documentation including images and videos, at Panopto’s Support site on How to add a quiz to a video.

Connect Panopto Quiz to grades on Moodle (Optional)

Before you start, you may need access to the following:

  • an existing Quiz in a Panopto video
  • the Panopto video should be connected to your course in Moodle

Insert the Panopto quiz activity into a Moodle course

  1. Navigate to the course in which you’d like to integrate a Panopto quiz, and click the Turn Editing On button at the top right of your Moodle course.
  2. Click on Add an Activity or Resource. From the options, choose Panopto Quiz.
    A screenshot of the Moodle activities box circling the Panopto Quiz icon
  3. Click Select Content and you will be able to choose the video with a quiz inserted that you have already prepared within Panopto. Once you’ve selected your video, the activity name will pre-populate with your video’s title. You can edit this title if you’d like.
    Screenshot of two Panopto videos listed under the option Choose
  4. Under Privacy, make sure all three boxes are checked off: “Share launcher’s name with the tool,” “Share launcher’s email with the tool,” and “Accept grades from the tool.” This will ensure that student data feeds from Panopto to Moodle to report grades in the Moodle gradebook.
  5. Under Grade, you can set a point value for the quiz grade and choose a Grade category.
  6. You can also control other settings as you usually would with a grade item, such as “Restrict access” and “Activity completion” if you’d like.
    An image of Moodle grade options, including the categories
  7. Once you have the settings you would like, hit the Save and Display button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken out to the activity where you can view the video and complete the quiz(zes) that you have inserted throughout the video.
  8. Once students watch the video and complete the quiz, you can view their grade in the gradebook by clicking on the Grades tab on the left-hand side of the Moodle navigation bar.
  9. You will see an entry for the Panopto Quiz activity and a grade for students who have completed the in-video quiz.
    A screenshot showing the Panopto icon in the Moodle grades section, followed by the assignment's title

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