Panopto: Enable video downloads

By default, Panopto is set up to work like YouTube: when you give people Viewer access to videos or share viewing links with them, they will be able to stream the videos (that is, watch in a web browser while connected to the Internet), but NOT download them.

Streaming is very Internet-intensive. Allowing viewers to download and view copies offline can help those with limited, poor-quality or expensive per-minute Internet access course materials.

Enable downloads at the folder level

All recordings in the folder will default to this setting.

  1. Go to the folder and click the gear icon or Settings link.
  2. Click Settings in the left sidebar to open the folder settings window, shown below.
  3. Under Downloads, change Download enabled to either:
    • Authenticated users with access — enables anyone with access or a link to the folder AND an account on our Panopto license to download. Use this setting when you want to restrict downloads to Bryn Mawr faculty and staff and students currently enrolled in Bryn Mawr academic courses.
    • All users with access — use this setting if you want anyone who has access to the folder to be able to download recordings.
  4. Changes are applied immediately, click the in the upper right to close the folder settings window.
    Panopto video settings window to enable downloads

Enable downloads for individual videos

Use this option if you want to give viewers the ability to download certain videos within a folder.

  1. Find the video and click the gear icon or Settings link.
  2. Click Overview in the left sidebar if it isn’t already selected, as shown below.
  3. Under Downloads, change Download enabled to either (see above for description):
    • Authenticated users with access
    • All users with access

Panopto video overview window

Enable downloads for a subset of viewers

Note that the instructions above will give everyone who has permission to view a video the ability to download it. For example, if you enable downloads for the Panopto folder created for an academic course, all students enrolled in the course, will be able to download them.

If you only want to allow specific viewers to download videos — for example, to give someone with Internet issues this ability — use the following workaround:

  1. Create a new Panopto folder.
  2. Share that folder with specific people, adding only the individuals who need to download.
  3. Enable downloads for that folder using the instructions above.
  4. Copy videos to that folder to make them available for download.

LITS staff are happy to help you adjust sharing and downloading settings to meet your specific needs.


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