Password managers

Use a password manager to securely and efficiently access your accounts!

What is it?

password manager is a service or feature that securely stores and autofills your account credentials.

  • Automatically save new accounts
  • Generate unique and complex passwords
  • Securely store other sensitive information

Is this what my browser does?

Isn't it bad to have all my passwords in one place?

How it works

  1. Your sensitive information is stored in a centralized vault
    a screenshot of a 1Password vault showing accounts and their related credentials
  2. Accessed via desktop application, browser extension, and/or mobile app
  3. The vault is unlocked with a master passworda screenshot of a text field asking for a master password
  4. Logging into a new website automatically stores the credentials
    a screenshot of a text field with an email address, 1Password is prompted to save the account
  5. Stored credentials autofill when visiting that site
    a screenshot of a text field where 1Password is prompting to autofill an account

Popular options

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