Moodle: Instant Messaging

Moodle has a built-in instant messaging system that all Moodlers can use to send IMs to their teachers and classmates. It works like Slack, Teams and other IM systems: if you message someone who is currently logged in, they see a pop-up notification and can respond immediately; otherwise, the message is stored unread and they can reply the next time they log in. 

Before you start, you will need:

  • to be enrolled in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course

View Messaging

  • From any Moodle page, click on (Toggle messaging drawer) next to your initials or picture in the top menu bar to open Messaging.

  • Chats are divided into Starred (chats you've starred), Group (group chats), and Private (one-on-one chats) -- click a category to expand it, then click a chat to open it. 
  • Your name will be listed under Starred, click it to go to a personal space where you can post notes to yourself, etc.

Note: You cannot initiate chats with new people from this window. Instead, go to their profile page, as described in the next section.       

Start messaging someone

To start an IM chat with someone new (that is, who hasn't already messaged you):

  1. Open a course you are both enrolled in.
  2. Click Participants.
  3. Click the person's name to open their profile. 
  4. Click Message at the top of the profile page to open a chat with them in the Messaging window.

If the Message option is not available, click Add to contacts to send the person a contact requestIf they approve it, you will be able to start messaging them.

Messaging settings

Click the (gear icon) inside Messaging to view and adjust your settings:

  • The Privacy settings determine who can message you:  
    • My contacts and anyone in my courses (default) -- your teachers and classmates can IM you from your profile page. 
    • My contacts only -- your teachers and classmates must request to add you to their contacts; if you approve, they will be able to message you.  
  • Turn Email on if you want to receive email notifications about messages. (This is most useful if you don't log in to Moodle often and won't see that messages are waiting.)
  • Turn Use enter to send on if you want to send with the keyboard rather than having to click send.  


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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