Moodle: Enroll or unenroll participants


On a Moodle course page, there are different ways participants are enrolled and assigned roles. Some are automatic and others can be performed by course instructors.

Before you start, you may need the following:

  • an Instructor of Record or Other Editing Teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course.

Automatic enrollment through Bionic

All course enrollments are processed by the Registrar's office through its online system, Bionic. Bionic automatically transfers certain information to Moodle for academic courses pages only: 

  • Instructors assigned to a course in Bionic are enrolled as Instructor of records on their Moodle course page.
  • Students who register for a course in Bionic are enrolled as Registered students in the Moodle course page. 
  • Students who drop a course in Bionic are removed as Registered students from the Moodle course page and thus lose access to it.

Attention: Course enrollment data is fed to Moodle multiple times a day during pre-registration and registration, but it can take up to one business day for changes in Bionic to show in Moodle. In the meantime, students can still participate in the course:

Manually enroll participants

On top of automatic enrollments from Bionic, an Instructor of Record or Other editing teacher can manually enroll participants. This is the only way to add TA's and additional instructors to an academic course, and it can be used to give students access to a Moodle course while registration is being finalized.

Manually remove participants

An Instructor of Record or Other editing teacher can manually remove participants from a Moodle course. 

Bulk and self-enrollment options

Manual enrollment works best if you need to enroll a few people at a time. If you need to enroll many participants in a non-academic course (which will not have an automatic feed from Bionic), bulk enrollment or self-enrollment can help. 


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