WeVideo: Add subtitles to a video

You can add embedded subtitles in WeVideo by adding text to the top track of your timeline. Note that these subtitles are permanent; viewers cannot hide them during playback. (If you want captions that viewers can hide, export your finished video and upload it to Panopto to add captions instead.)

  1. Log into WeVideo.
  2. Click Projects, then click on your project. 
  3. Make sure you have a blank track for the subtitles as the top layer of your timeline. (You can use the default Text 1 track if it's empty or click + Track and create a new one). Placing it on top ensures the subtitles appear on top of all other content.
  4. Click Text, scroll down to Special, and find the media element that reads "Sample subtitles for your video."
  5. Drag that element onto the blank track at the top of your timeline, then double-click on its thumbnail to edit it.
  6. Under Edit Clip, type in your subtitle and select the font, font size, text position, then click Done.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each video clip containing speech.


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