Moodle: View course as a student

Instructors can switch roles in Moodle to view a course as registered students and auditors see it. 

Before you start, you may need:

  • an Instructor of Record or Other Editing Teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course.
  1. Enter the course you want to view as a student.
  2. Open the user menu by clicking your initials or photo in the top menu bar.  
  3. Click Switch role to.  
    User menu with
  4. Choose Auditor or Registered student (both roles have identical Moodle permissions). 
  5. When you are finished, open the user menu again and choose Return to my normal role.


  • Switching roles works best for checking how course elements look for a generic student. 
  • It cannot show the effects of groups nor all aspects of a student's experience -- how feedback appears, for example. 
  • For more in-depth testing, recruit a colleague or TA to help, enroll them in the course as an Auditor, and ask them to show you or capture a screencast as they perform the actions you want to see.


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