Drupal - Special Role: EMS

Creating/Submitting Event

For creating/submitting an Event, please follow the askAthena article on Events at https://askathena.brynmawr.edu/help/drupal-events-in-drupal. Your EMS Role will not change that process at all.

EMS Role

In order to have the Conferences and Events Office approve Events for posting on the website, there is a special permission level on the website specifically for approving and modifying Events. This is a specifically granted supplemental role.

This documentation is meant to assist the Conferences and Events Office with approving and modifying Events as directed by Communications.

Daily Workflow

The Conferences and Events Office EMS user will receive a daily URL from Communications of unpublished Events that need to be reviewed for accuracy by the EMS user. 

  1. Visit the Report using the URL from Communications.
  2. Work through the report list until there are none left to edit/approve.
  3. Alert Comms that you have finished your approval/edit process and report any changes that they will need to make because you were unable. (See the email suggested example below)
  4. Deadline is 12pm (noon) each day.

Log in:

Log in from https://www.brynmawr.edu/user

screenshot drupal login screen

Press the “Bryn Mawr Login” button

Enter your college credentials and expect dual authentication.

Once you logged in, you can navigate to the report.

Getting to the report

Get the daily URL from Communications for Events and Announcement Report of New Events to check.

You can also manually get to the report and set filters with these instructions:

To see the Events and Announcement report, you can use the top menu. Press “Manage” to reveal the admin toolbar. 

Hover over reports and select “Events and Announcements”

Once at the report, you will see the event in its default state.

The red boxes in the screenshot show that the filters are set as follows:

  • Published = No
  • Content Type = Events and Announcements
  • EMS Approved = Any

You can see that with these settings you get more things than you need. 

You can apply filters like so:

  1. Set the filters so that Content Type = Events
  2. Then press “Apply”

screenshot file list view

This will give you only Events that are Unpublished. 

You may see check marks (approved), x’s (not approved) and blank spaces (older events that are not approved) in the EMS Approved column. 

To filter for just the x’s, set the EMS Approved filter to NO and press “Apply”

screenshot file list view filtered by pdf

This should give you a shorter list

screenshot content view

You can further filter by Event Date to narrow the list even more

screenshot content view applying directory type filter

Reviewing Events

Press the “Edit” button of each event

Once you have the list you wish to work with, you can go one by one and click the “Edit” button in the right side of the row. 

screenshot content applying title filter

This will open up the edit screen for that particular event.

You will want to review all fields, specifically checking against the EMS Reservation number and cross-referencing all the info to check the following fields for Event Accuracy:

  • Date/Time

  • Where is the Event?

  • Reservation Number

  • Event Campus Location

  • Will there be food at this event?

  • Event Location Details

  • Event Contact Name

Here is a screenshot of some of the new fields to check.

screenshot content results of title filter

Editing Events

Edit any fields that you are able to correct the information. Tell Communications if there is any part of the form that needs editing that you are unable to edit.

Upon reviewing the event:

  • PLEASE FIX if you see a field with inaccurate information AND you can edit the field.

  • If you see a field with inaccurate information AND you can’t edit the field, please let Communications know by copying the portion of the URL as shown in the screenshot below and letting them know which field needs to be corrected and what that correction is and sending via email.

screenshot directory edit screen cv field

Email Suggested Example

So, for instance, you could write an email that says:

“On  /node/90996/edit the “Event Type” field is listed as a Lecture in our system. Please edit accordingly.”

Approving Events

Once you have reviewed the Event and made any edits or notated edits for Communications to make, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and select the “Conference & Events Approved” box and then press the Save button

screenshot file finder on laptop

This should take you back to the Events and Announcement report page that you were on. 

Keep working through the report list until there are none left to edit/approve.

Alert Comms that you have finished your approval/edit process and report any changes that they will need to make because you were unable. (See the email suggested example above)

Deadline is 12pm (noon) each day.

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