WeVideo: Create a new video project

  1. Log in to your WeVideo account.
  2. Click   Projects.
  3. Click the blue-and-white   (Create new project) icon.
  4. Give your project a Title and a short Description.
  5. Select the appropriate Project type:
    • Personal (if you are making a video alone)
    • Collaborative (if you want to co-create a video with others)
    • Shared (you want to co-create a media library with others, but everyone will make their own videos using that media).

Note: If you aren’t certain, choose Personal. You can  change it to a Collaborative project, and change a Collaborative project to a Shared one later, under Project Settings but you cannot convert a Shared project to either other type.

  1. Click Next.
  2. If prompted, to Add Members to Project (not shown for Personal projects) choose one:
    • Select members/groups — pick from the list of people who have accounts on BMC’s WeVideo license.
    • Invite with link — to get an invitation link that works for anyone; if the recipient doesn’t have a WeVideo account, they will be prompted to create one when they click on the link. If they aren’t eligible for a BMC account, they can create a free personal one.

Note: You can also add people to your project later, by clicking the Add members icon.

  1. Add Media clips now or click Next to skip this step (you can always do this later).
  2. Click Finish.


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