WeVideo: Create and add people to projects

How to set up a WeVideo project and add members to give other people permission to edit it.

Before you start, you will need access to the following:

Create a project

  Watch WeVideo's Creating Projects video tutorial (Note: WeVideo is redesigning their interface, so some interface elements may not match the video exactly.)

  1. Log in to WeVideo.
  2. Click Create new , and select a project type:
    • Video (create an edited video using the Full-Featured Editor or Simplified Editor)
    • Recording (record a screencast and/or webcam video)
    • GIF
    • Podcast
  3. Give your project a Title.
  4. Click Save.

You will see the editor controls for the type of project you've chosen -- see our WeVideo: Video and podcast editing basics guide and the WeVideo Academy video tutorials for instructions on how to use them to record or add and edit content.

Add project members

Add people to the project to enable them to view and edit it with you. (People who do not have WeVideo accounts will need to set one up, but they can create few accounts if they not eligible to join Bryn Mawr's license.) 

  1. Log into WeVideo.
  2. Click Projects, then click a project title to open it.
  3. Click Add Members to Projectand choose the appropriate option:
    • Add All Members -- add everyone with a BMC WeVideo account. (Not recommended!)
    • Select members/groups -- pick from a list of people with BMC WeVideo accounts.
    • Invite with link -- get an invitation link that works for anyone; recipients who don't have WeVideo accounts will be prompted to create one when they click it and can create a free personal account if not eligible for Bryn Mawr's license.
  4. Click Project Settings and choose a collaboration mode:
    • Personal -- other members can view your project but not edit.
    • Collaborative -- members can edit, including working on the same video simultaneously.
    • Shared -- members can edit, but only one person at a time can make changes to a video.

Note: If you aren’t certain, choose Personal or Collaborative, as you can convert to different mode later if needed. You cannot convert a Shared project to another collaboration mode.