CrashPlan: disaster recovery

CrashPlan, previously called Code42, is a disaster recovery application preinstalled on all College computers.

What does it do?

CrashPlan runs in the background and automatically creates a backup anytime it detects a change. In the event of a failure, you can restore data from a previous snapshot ensuring minimal, or no, data loss.

a screenshot of the crashplan application showing a backup in progress

First-time setup

Warning: Crashplan will not function until you complete the following steps.

  1. Open CrashPlan
    • Windows (): click the Windows Search bar and search for "CrashPlan"
    • macOS (): open Finder > Applications
  2. Enter your College email
  3. Click Continue
  4. If prompted, login with your College email and password
  5. Click Add New Device
  6. Click Yes
  7. In the top-right, click Manage Files...
  8. Check the box next to your College username
  9. Click Save

Use and customization

Tip: Read more about how CrashPlan works here!


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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