Moodle: Save or export course data and content

This articles explains how instructors can export or save course data to process, organize or store outside of Moodle and create  course backup (.mbz) files for archival purposes. 

Before you start, you may need:

  • An Instructor of record or Other editing teacher role in a Moodle course

Student data

IMPORTANT: Student data may be governed by FERPA regulation. Follow the Level 1 data guidelines in the College's Data Handling Policy when storing and handling any student data downloaded from Moodle.  

Download the Participants list

Instructors can download the participant list (including email addresses) as an Excel or PDF file, among other formats.

Export the Gradebook

Instructors can export the Gradebook to calculate grades in Excel or for record-keeping purposes.

Download an Activity completion report

Instructors who use Activity completion to track and help students track progress in a course, can export a Activity completion report as a record of their work. (See Moodle's Activity completion guides for info on setting up Activity completion parameters for a course.)

Course content

Download course pages and files

Use this option to download course pages or files in a format that you can open outside of Moodle. Course pages are exported as HTML files, which can be opened in a web browser or printed. If you organize your course page as you would a syllabus, you can create a printable syllabus from it.

Create a Course backup (.mbz) file

Use this option to create a course backup file that cannot be opened outside Moodle but can be restored into a Moodle site to recreate the course (including the question bank, activity settings, etc., but not student data). This is the only way to transfer a course to another institution's Moodle site.

Videos & further reading on course Backups


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