actively teaching faculty

actively teaching faculty

Any faculty that is teaching during the semester of their departure.



Central processing unit (CPU)

A CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain that handles all computations for a device. Cores allow the CPU to break up tasks and multitask, and the clockspeed (measured in megahertz, MHz) determines the number of computations it can make per second.

College username

Your College username, typically your first initial and family name, is the beginning of your College email address; it does not include

context menu

context menu

A context menu is typically opened with a right-click and lists actions specific to what was clicked, such as Copy, Undo, or Share.




A dialog is a secondary window that asks for, or presents, additional information. Examples include a print dialog or options dialog.


List Moderator

List Moderator

Moderators can approve or deny pending emails and membership requests, but are unable to modify most list settings.


print job

Print job

A print job is a document sent to a printer to be printed.

print queue

Print queue

A print queue is a list of print jobs (e.g., documents) ready to be printed. Some printers have multiple queues with different settings, such as color printing.

printer group

Printer group

A printer group is a collection of printers that all share the same print queue, which means if you send a print job (e.g. a document) to a printer group, you can release the job at any printer in the group.



Random access memory (RAM)

RAM (Random Access Memory) is high-speed volatile storage that assists other hardware by temporarily storing data used by programs.


release print job

Release a print job from a print queue to print the item. For example: tap your OneCard at a Canon to login, select your document(s), and tap "print".



There are multiple ways to right-click:

  • Windows default: click the right mouse button (right-handed mouse, trackpad with mouse buttons) or click with two fingers (most buttonless trackpads)
  • Mac default: Control-click or click with two fingers (trackpad or Magic Mouse)
  • Touch screen: touch & hold




A sandbox is a copy of the production site that is inaccessible to users and used to test changes and fixes.

Software Center

Software Center is an app on College-provided computers. It is the home for LITS tools, and you can use it to install certain software and run scripts.


user role

user role

A user role is assigned to each person with a KnowledgeOwl login, which grants various permissions for both the production and sandbox instances of Ask Athena.