Moodle: Link to a Cengage Platform

Our integration with the Cengage allows instructors to access a wide range of educational content and integrate it with their Moodle courses. Instructors can also use Cengage to create assignments.

Before you start, you may need access to the following:

  • An Instructor of record or Other editing teacher role in a Moodle course
  • A Cengage Instructor account. If you don't have one, create one on Cengage's site using your Bryn Mawr College email address.

Add Cengage content to a Moodle course

  1. Log into Moodle and open your course. 
  2. On your Moodle course page, toggle the Edit Mode button on.
  3. Go to the section where you want to place the video and click +Add an activity or resource. 
  4. From the menu that opens, select External tool.
  5. Click the Preconfigured tool drop-down menu and choose Cengage (New).
  6. Provide an Activity Name and then click Select content. 
  7. In the dialog window, choose which of the three types of content you want to add: 
    • Homework Platforms + eBook: allows you to add an ebook along with supplementary material such as study guides and assignments
    • Cengage Infuse + eBook: allows you to add an ebook along with concept checks and quizzes that can be directly posted to Moodle.
    • eBook Only
  8. Once you pick your type of content, use the search bar to find and select your content.
  9. Click Save and return to course.

Students will now be able to access the content from the Moodle course page. Clicking on the content will always take them to a new tab, however.

Videos & further reading on Cengage


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