WeVideo: Finish and share videos

When you are ready to for people to view a video or listen to a podcast, you can either share a link to view/listen on WeVideo or export a copy that you can upload to another streaming service, such as Panopto (the College's ad-free streaming service) or YouTube. 

Export a copy of your project for viewing

You will need to finish and export a copy of your project to download or share it with others for viewing. (Note that this does not prevent you editing your project later; it merely exports a compiled copy as a podcast, video or GIF file that non-editors others can view.)   

  1. Log into WeVideo.
  2. Click Projects, then select a project to open it in the editor. 
  3. Click Finish. 
  4. Configure your export settings:
    • Title
    • Choose a thumbnail image
    • Export format (Video, Audio only or GIF) 
    • Resolution: use SD if file size or bandwidth is a concern or HD for best resolution, but a larger filesize.
    • Destination:
      • (WeVideo - Download) -- download to your computer. Choose if you plan to upload to Panopto.
      • (OneDrive); pre-connected if you logged through Office365.
      • (Google Drive); pre-connected if you logged in through Google with Haverford credentials.
      • Other options require connecting to an account on the destination platform; some may require payment. 
  5. Click Export.

Share Exported projects

Exported videos, projects and GIFs are stored under the Exports tab on your main WeVideo Dashboard.  

Enable people to view/listen on WeVideo

Great if you for things that will be visible to all for a brief window of time.

  1. Click Exports.
  2. Double-click on a video, podcast, or GIF.
  3. Click (Change privacy) and making sure the video is Public.
  4. Then do one or more of the following:
    • Click a social media icon to post to that platform 
    • Click (Share link and embed) to get link a or an embed code that you can paste into an email or web page.

Get a copy to upload to a streaming or file-sharing service 

Uploading your file to a video-streaming service such as Panopto or a file-sharing service such as OneDrive can give you greater control over who can view or listen. Video-streaming services provide the best viewing experience, and as services built for storage rather than editor are better long-term storage solutions. 

  1. Click Exports.
  2. Double-click on a video, podcast, or GIF.
  3. Click (Download). 


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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