Microsoft Teams: Overview

Microsoft Teams is a College-supported communications and collaboration tool that can be used for messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and more!

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Microsoft Teams: Overview

Microsoft Teams can be used with or without a dedicated "Team", and not everyone needs one! Detailed below are some of Teams' various functionality and what's accessible with your setup.

What is a Team?

A "Team" is a dedicated, group workspace made up of individual channels to host messages, files, and more.

a screenshot of a microsoft teams window with various message threads


Without a Team:

With a Team:


Without a Team, share files via message to avoid email attachment limits.

With a Team, you can upload them directly. Unlike OneDrive, they are owned by a Team instead of a specific person.

Creating a Team

Attention: You may not need a Team

You do not need a Team in order to use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing or direct messaging.

Teams must be requested through LITS via the Service Catalog.


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