Drupal - Basic: Drupal Training Videos

We have recorded our Training Sessions for all the Drupal Users. Please feel free to review these. The Drupal How-To Articles that we have for Login, Basic Page Events and Announcements as well as certain Flexible Content Items are covered in the videos below. We may add more as other training sessions occur.  Special Role training videos may be available on certain Special Role articles.

Notes from the Sessions

Our new site has lots of things that will feel familiar even if things are a little different.There has been improvements and additions to what you can do, such as the ability to more easily add things like photo galleries, quotes, and embedded video to pages and articles.

  1. Login will now have Duo two-factor authentication.  This is similar to logging into your Bryn Mawr email.
  2. There are a few Themes for the new site, but your work will stay mostly in the Inside Bryn Mawr theme.
  3. Sections are now Groups. You will see a different experience in the way you find content compared to how sections worked in the old site.
  4. Syndication is now run by Tags and Themes instead of Topics and Sections.  If you recall, we used Topics and Sections to beam pieces of content to different parts of the old site.  Tags and Themes are now the things we use to help beam content in the new site. These are pretty advanced, so we may mention them but won’t get into them in depth in this session.
  5. There are some new terms we will be using to help you become more familiar with Drupal, like nodes, tags, and groups. Knowing these will come in handy as you become more familiar with adding and editing content to the site.
  6. Images and links work a little differently than in our old site.
  7. Biography is also known as Directory.  These terms may be used interchangeably.
  8. Events and Announcements are pretty similar to how they have always worked.
  9. Anonymous User is just a person that isn’t logged in to Drupal.
  10. Authenticated User is just a person that has logged in to Drupal.

Session Vocabulary

There are a few phrases and words you may hear over and over. This will, over time, help you understand how the site uses pieces of content. If you hear something that you don’t quite know what it is, please ask! Here are a few items we have identified that may help you get off on the right foot.

  1. What “group” means. Group is what we used to call Section. It is the area or areas of the website that you are responsible for editing.
  2. We now use the word “tags”.  Tags are what we used to call Topics. As you remember, they were integral in helping us to syndicate content across the site. The way we syndicate things is different now. It is an advanced topic which we will cover later, but if you hear Tags or Display Themes, know that these are things to help syndicate content.
  3. We use the word “node” a lot.  Node is a Drupal term for content that is in the site.  Things that are Nodes are pages, articles, events, etc. Things that are not nodes (but still content ) are files, images, etc.
  4. Quick How-To Tips for Web Editors: https://www.brynmawr.edu/inside/offices-services/college-communications/web-content-accessibility/quick-how-tips-web-editors

Session Videos

These are Panopto Videos and may require you to sign-in to view them

Session I – Login, Basic Page and the WYSIWYG

Session II – Events and Announcements

Session III – Flexible Content Item Basics

Featuring: Accordion, Callout, Carousel, Contact, Embed, Social Media Callout, Special List Large and Special List Small.

Session IV – Flexible Content Item Intermediate A

Featuring: WYSIWYG Video, Columns, Feature: Grid, Image Gallery, Image List.

Session V – Flexible Content Item Intermediate B

Featuring: People List, Social Media Connect, Feature: Large, Feature: Medium, Feature: Quote, Image Detail Large.



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