LITS's Device Support Cycle

This article reviews LITS's device support cycle and how support changes throughout the lifetime of a device.

Support cycle

Every College-owned device (indicated by the presence of an asset tag sticker) is supported for a predefined number of years after its purchase, dependent on the device type:

  • Primary computers (laptops and desktops): 4 years
  • Non-primary laptops: 4 years
  • Non-primary desktops: 6 years

How are these support cycles decided? 

Why are primary and non-primary desktops different? 

Unsupported devices

Once a device has reached the end of its support cycle, it is considered unsupported and subject to courtesy support.

When does this occur?

To determine when a device will be unsupported:

  1. Find the first two numbers of its asset tag
    • These numbers indicate the fiscal year the device was purchased in.
  2. Subtract 1 from the fiscal year to get the calendar year (of purchase)
  3. Add the device's support cycle
  4. Voila! The device in-question will become unsupported in the Summer of that year

Need an example?

Replacement cycle

In order to ensure unsupported devices are cycled out of active use, College devices are reviewed and replaced as they reach the end of their support cycle.

To that end, LITS annually:

Courtesy support

When you contact LITS for an unsupported device, its period of courtesy support begins and lasts for 6 months. During this time:

  • our inventory will be updated to reflect the device's courtesy support status
  • a new ticket will be created to track, and assist with, the replacement of the device
  • any hardware repairs must be funded by your department, as any warranty has since expired
  • any support-related tickets will be limited to two 30-minute appointments

After this 6 month period has ended:

Why 6 months? 


Devices that cannot upgrade to a supported operating system (defined by the manufacturer), are exempt from courtesy support. Thus, no support will be rendered besides assisting with the replacement process.

Current (un)supported operating systems can be seen here:


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