Mailing Lists: Overview

This article reviews College mailing lists (listservs) and how they can be utilized. 

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a list of addresses to which the same information is being sent.

  • Announcement list(s): one person or group sending to another group
  • Discussion list(s): a group sending within itself

Personal and group lists

Messages sent to a segment of the College community should be done via College-wide mailing lists.

Any community member can request a new list on behalf of themselves, a group, or an organization.

  • can contain both on- and off- campus members
  • moderation and settings are controlled by the list owner
  • members must be able to unsubscribe at will

College lists

Communications does not moderate or administer these lists, and they should be used sparingly.

Moderators must approve all content before it is sent out. Approval occurs once or twice a day.

Lists for faculty, staff, each undergraduate class, and each graduate school are automatically maintained. Example use-cases of these lists include:

  • messages from the President's Office
  • housing information for students
  • human resources updates for faculty and staff
  • faculty governance information

Messages with images

Any announcement with a flyer or image should also include the text of the announcement in the body of the email. Be sure to include event details such as:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Location
  • and more!

List directory

To reach:Address:Moderated By:
Facultyfaculty@brynmawr.eduProvost's Office
Staffstaff@brynmawr.eduPresident's Office
Faculty and Stafffac-staff@brynmawr.eduFaculty and Staff List Moderators
Senior Classclass22@brynmawr.eduDean's Office
Junior Classclass23@brynmawr.eduDean's Office
Sophomore Classclass24@brynmawr.eduDean's Office
First-Year Classclass25@brynmawr.eduDean's Office
All Undergraduatesundergrad@brynmawr.eduDean's Office
Graduate School of Arts and Sciencesgrad-as@brynmawr.eduGSAS Office
Graduate School of Social Workgssw@brynmawr.eduGSSW Office
Post-Bac Office
Entire Communityall-campus@brynmawr.eduIndividual List Moderators, as listed above

Other lists (

The following lists are maintained automatically or by administrative departments.








List policies and abuses

If you are receiving spam from a campus list, contact the Help Desk.

Most lists limit attachments to 100KB, content larger than this should be uploaded elsewhere and linked to.

  • all messages sent to a list must be approved before posting
  • inclusion on some lists is mandatory
  • repeated abuse of list access will result in the loss of posting privileges


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

Phone: 610-526-7440 | Library and Help Desk hours
Email: help@brynmawr.eduService catalog
Location: Canaday Library 1st floor