Moodle: Manage Class Recordings with Panopto

There are several ways to manage class recordings with the Panopto integration in Moodle. The easiest way for your class to interact with class recordings is to upload the video in the course folder directly, but there are a few different methods of going about it.

Before you start, you may need access to the following:

  • a Instructor of record or Other editing teacher role in a Moodle course
  • a Creator file for the Panopto folder you want to copy from

Adding the Panopto Block 

Make sure first that your Moodle course has the Panopto block added. Your course folder will use your course’s shortname and only be generated once the Panopto block has been added into your Moodle course. Panopto will assign viewing access to the course folder to any students who have been enrolled into the course. There are two main methods of reaching your course folder at this point.

You can navigate to your course in Moodle, then in the Panopto block click on Course Settings.

You can login directly to Panopto. Once you’re logged in, you can choose Browse then My Folders to find your course folder under your course’s short name.

Adding your Recordings

Once you’re in your course folder, you can click on the +Create button which will allow you to upload recordings from your computer, create new recordings, and other options all to your course folder. 

Once a video has been uploaded into your course folder, it will appear in your Panopto block for students to access. You can also directly link to individual recordings in the course folder and add them as a URL activity to point to individual videos within the course folder.

Zoom Cloud Recordings and Panopto

If you’ve used the Zoom cloud recording feature to record your class, all recordings will be sent directly to Panopto. 

If you’ve used your personal meeting link or set up the class meeting through the Zoom web portal or app, the recording will show up in your personal folder labeled My Folder. You can move the recording from your personal folder to your course folder by clicking on the white box in the corner of the video preview, then clicking on the Move button and choosing the course you want to move the video into. Once you click on the course name, press Move to verify that is the course you want to move the video to. 

If you’ve set it up through the Zoom course activity in your Moodle course, the video will be sent directly to your course folder, so no further action is needed for students to have access to the course recordings.

Note: You should never use the URL activity feature to link to a video in a past course folder into a new course. Always move your recordings from one course year to another to prevent issues with students permissions to access the video.

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