NameCoach: Record and listen to names in Moodle

NameCoach is a software platform for creating and sharing name pronunciation recordings. Moodle course participants can use the NameCoach activity for Moodle to create and share name recordings and listen to other participants say their names.  

Before you start, you will need:

Record your name

  1. Click on the NameCoach activity.

Activity box showing the NameCoach icon

  1. NameCoach lists Your Recording for the course at the top of the page: 
    • If you've already recorded your name with NameCoach, that recording may have been added for you. Click to listen to it and Update if you'd like to re-record.
    • Otherwise, click Record Name.
  2. Choose how you want to record:
    • Phone. Enter your phone number, then click Submit and Call Me. NameCoach will call that number and prompt you to say your name for the recording (as if you were recording a voicemail message).
    • Web Recorder.  Record within current window: click  Record, wait until the countdown ends, then click Stop.
    • Uploader. Drag a audio file of a recording you've already made to the upload window or click Browse for file to select it from your computer, then click Submit and Finish. (The max file size is only 150KB and .MP3 files work best.)
  3. Once you have submitted your recording, you can click to listen to it and Update if you'd like to re-record it.

Having difficulty recording? Try an alternate recording method (e.g., phone instead of web recorder), and see NameCoach's troubleshooting guide.

Listen to names

  1. Click on the NameCoach activity.
  2. Scroll down to the Recordings for ... section.
  3. Click the (play) button for a name to listen to it.


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