College Softphone: Setup & Use

The following article applies to College softphones. For College deskphones, see College Deskphone: Setup & Use.

Before you start, you will need access to the following:

The basics

With MiCollab, you can do the following from anywhere:

  • Check your voicemail
  • Call using your College phone number via your softphone
  • Manage your Status for call forwarding
  • …and more
Mobile AppWindows/macOS/Web Client

Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

screenshot of the micollab windows application


MiCollab is the application used to access your College extension and voicemail from anywhere!

Note: MiCollab is pre-installed on all College computers. If it missing, you can install it from Software Center.

Attention: Need MiCollab for a personal computer or phone?

First-time setup

Desktop (, )

Mobile (, )

Enable your softphone

Desktop (, )

Mobile (, )

Customize call flow & status

Advertise your availability and change what happens to incoming calls.

  • Forward calls to another number
  • Send calls to voicemail automatically
  • …and more

Change Your Status

Change Your Call Flow

Create a Custom Status

Conference calls

Note: Microsoft Teams and Zoom are also available for conference calling.

  1. Open MiCollab
  2. In the top of the screen, click the Search or Dial box
  3. Enter the first phone number¹ you’d like to dial
    ¹Don’t forget to add a “1” before it!
  4. Once connected, click/tap the
    three vertical dots which pop up a menu listing conference, handoff, and transfer
  5. Select Conference
  6. Enter another phone number and click the Phone icon
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add other callers

Check your voicemail

  1. Open MiCollab
  2. On the left-hand pane¹, click/tap Audio wave icon
    ¹On mobile? Swipe from the left, to the right
  3. Click/tap the voicemail(s) you’d like to listen to


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

Phone: 610-526-7440 | Library and Help Desk hours
Email: help@brynmawr.eduService catalog
Location: Canaday Library 1st floor