WeVideo: Video and podcast editing basics

Use WeVideo's editor to add video clips, images, audio clips, title screens and more from WeVideo's royalty free media library, upload your own media files, layer images and sound, adjust when different elements are visible or heard, and create transitions between them. 

Before you start, you will need access to the following:

See WeVideo Academy video tutorials for in-depth walkthroughs (Note: WeVideo is updating their interface, some interface elements may look differ from ours.)

  1. Log into WeVideo.
  2. Click Projects, then click a podcast or video project to open it in the editor. 
  3. Find media elements for your project in the library folders in the sidebar:
    • The Videos, Images, Audio, Text, Transitions, Extras, and Backgrounds folders contain royalty-free items from WeVideo. (Note: if you don't see them, you may have a free account; see WeVideo: Create an account on Bryn Mawr's license.)
    • To add your own media, by click My Media, then: 
      • Import to upload media files.
      • Record to capture a screencast or webcam video.
      • Narrate to record audio voice-overs. 
  4. Click-and-drag these elements from the library folders onto a Track (Text 1, Video 1, Audio 1, etc.) in the timeline pane.
  5. Move the media thumbnails in the tracks to fine-tune when in the podcast or video they appear or sound: 
    • Click-and-drag a media thumbnail left and right along a track to move to a new place in the video or podcast.
    • Select and drag the edges of a thumbnail to increase or decrease how long an element appears/sounds. (Note: you can't make an audio or video clip longer that it's recorded length.)
    • Tracks are layered top to bottom as they appear in a video or podcast. For example, by default, the Text 1 track is above the Video 1 track, and text you add to it will show up on top of the images in the video track. 
  6. Use the buttons above the timeline to edit media components and add effects:
    • + Track: Add more text, video, and audio tracks. (Click on a track name (such as Video 1) to rename it.)
    • Undo: Cancel your last action
    • Redo: Repeat your last action
    •  Split: Divide media into two parts at the blue Playhead line. 
    • Comment: Add an editorial comment at the current Playhead point (comments don't appear in the actual video)
    • Audio & Opacity: Adjust the volume and/or transparency of the selected media element
    • Filter: Add visual effects to the selected media element
    • Edit: Edit the selected media element
    • Delete: Remove the selected media element.
  7. View changes in the preview window by dragging the blue Playhead bar to a spot in the timeline and clicking   Play.

WeVideo saves your changes as you work. Click Close to exit your project when you're ready to take a break from editing. 

(Use Finish if you want to ready to stop editing completely and export a copy to save or upload to a different site.)


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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Email: help@brynmawr.eduService catalog
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