Zoom: Mirror an ipad in a classroom

If you are using a tablet computer as part of a lecture, Zoom is your best option for sharing it with remote participants or including it as part of a recording. We recommend this rather than attempting to “mirror” the tablet to other computers you're using. Programs like AirPlay and AirServer do not work on campus wifi, and software for wired connections can be unreliable.

Record your tablet screen during a meeting

During an in-person lecture, you may want to create a recording of the writing you do on a tablet device to later share with students. You can use Zoom to do this kind of recording. 

  1. Launch the Zoom app on your table device and click Start a new meeting.
  2. Click Record > Record to the cloud. This will automatically upload the recording to Panopto.
  3. Click Share content > Screen.
  4. A menu titled Screen Broadcast will open. Make sure Zoom is selected, then click Share.
  5. You can click Start Broadcast to begin the recording. 

Zoom will now record your tablet activity, such as content from other apps or any digital writing you do. If you just want to record a digital whiteboard, be sure to use Zoom's native Whiteboard feature rather than another app. It can be accessed via More > Whiteboards

Share from a tablet during a meeting

Note: If you are using a Mac computer and an iPad in your lecture, you can simply connect the two using a USB cable and select to share from the iPad. See Sharing an iOS device screen with a cable.

If you want Zoom participants to see both you and the content on your tablet during a live or recorded meeting, you can screenshare from the iPad. This is because Zoom allows you to log into a meeting with multiple types of devices.

  1. Start the Zoom meeting on a computer or laptop. If you are recording the meeting, click Record > Record to the cloud. This will automatically upload the recording to Panopto.
  2. Launch the Zoom app on your iPad and join your meeting. Make sure to select No audio on your iPad to prevent audio feedback between your devices.
  3. On your iPad, click Share content.
  4. Choose the type of content you want to share. Some of the most common types are:
    • Whiteboard to display/record annotations on a blank screen
    • Microsoft OneDrive to access share files saved to your Bryn Mawr account (e.g., class PowerPoint presentations).
    • Screen to show/record content from apps downloaded to your iPad that do not have Zoom integrations (e.g., YouTube). Make sure Zoom is selected from the Screen Broadcast menu that opens when you first select this option, then click Start Broadcast.  Zoom will count down and then start the broadcast, which captures your whole screen. You can use Pin to keep the broadcast up throughout the meeting, even when other participants speak.


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