Zoom: Mirror an ipad in a classroom

If you are using a iOS or Android tablet to write on screen during a lecture, you may want to “mirror” it to a laptop or the podium computer to project overhead and record what you are projecting using Panopto. However, can be difficult to “mirror” in a classroom: wifi connections using AirPlay or AirServer don’t always work well or consistently on our enterprise wi-fi network, and software for wired connections, like Apowermirror, can be temperamental, especially when multiple people are connecting to the same computer.

Instead we recommend using Zoom to record a lecture involving an iPad or a Android tablet, even if you won’t have remote participants joining the meeting:  

  • If you are using a Mac computer and an iOS device, you can simply connect the two using a USB cable, start a Zoom meeting on the Mac, and choose the iOS device when sharing your screen. See Sharing an iOS device screen with a cable.
  • With any type of computer and tablet (iOS or Android), you can start a Zoom meeting on computer and join the meeting with the tablet, since Zoom allows the same individual to connect to a meeting with multiple devices, so long as each is a different type. See below for more detailed directions.

Set up your iPad

Download and install the Zoom app from the App Store. If you only need to annotate a blank screen, you can use the whiteboard feature in Zoom and no further set-up is needed.

If you need to annotate slides, documents or demo an iPad app:

  1. Install and open any app(s) you will use. (Notability is a popular tool for annotating slides or documents saved as PDFs, and works well when screencasting.)
  2. Launch the Zoom app and click Start a new meeting,
  3. Click Share content in the meeting toolbar and choose Screen.
  4. Your iPad screen will probably say Screen Recording, list Photos as the app that will be used; touch the app section for a drop-down menu of alternatives and select Zoom.
  5. The onscreen text will change to Screen Broadcast; you can click Start Broadcast to begin.

Note: Once you set the Zoom app as your Screen Broadcast app in step 5, it should be the default when you click Share Content > Screen in Zoom meetings.

Screencast an iPad during a Zoom meeting

  1. If you will be annotating slides or documents, open them in the iPad app(s) you’re using.
  2. Start the Zoom meeting on the podium computer. If you are recording the meeting, start the recording.
  3. Launch the Zoom app on your iPad and join the meeting.
  4. Choose Join without audio (to prevent feedback from having two mics on).
  5. Click Share content button in the iOS Zoom app, and choose either:
    • Whiteboard to display/record annotations on a blank screen
    • Screen, Start broadcasting to show/record annotations in a different app. Zoom will count down and then start the broadcasting, switch to the app your are using to annotated as you would normally and the broadcast will continue even though you no longer see the Zoom app.

Zoom should automatically keep the shared screen prominent and capture it in the recording. If other people are speaking in the Zoom meeting, you can “pin” the screen share window in the Zoom app on the podium computer to prevent the focus from shifting to the speaker.

Important: If you are recording the Zoom meeting to the cloud it will automatically be saved to your My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto.


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