Print and scan: Overview

Before you start, you may need access to the following:

Printing overview: How it all works

Printer types

Two categories of printers are available on campus -- see the table below for more information.

Printer TypeWho can use themWhere they're located
Public Lab printersBMC Community and visitorsCanaday, Carpenter, and Collier libraries
Computer labs
Departmental printersFaculty, staff, and student workersOffice spaces

Multi-printer queues

To use the printers above, you'll need to add one of the print queues listed below to send documents over the network to a group of printers.

Print queueWhere they print toColor?
LabPrintall public lab printersblack & white only
LabPrintColorall public lab printerscolor
Canon-Secureall Canon printersblack & white only
CanonColor-Secureall Canon printerscolor

Faculty/Staff: why use Canon-Secure?

Printing in Color vs. Black & White

Direct printer queues

To print directly to a specific printer, a print queue is needed to send the job over the network.

Print queueCanon or HP?Example:

Releasing your print job

Multi-Printer Queues: Where do I go?

For these queues, jobs aren't released immediately. Instead, you must go to any printer that you'd like to release from and follow the instructions below.

Multi-Printer Queues (Canons): 

Direct Printer Queues (Canons, HPs):

Adding a print queue

Option 1: from a personal computer

Windows ()

Option 2: from a College computer
(office, loaner, public, lab, etc.)

Windows ()

macOS ()

Scan & Copy (Canons)

Scan to Network Drive

Scan to USB

Want to learn more? Register with Canon e-learning using the Serial Number of your printer.

Student Workers: Departmental Printer Permissions

The following applies to: student workers, lab assistants, interns, etc.

Faculty and staff can grant access to a specific departmental printer for student workers that they supervise. This can be done in two ways:

  • If you use Group Manager, you can provide and revoke access.
  • If you don't use Group Manager, email the Help Desk:
    • permissions must be requested in writing
    • the request must come from the relevant supervisor
    • contact the Help Desk to revoke permissions


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

Phone: 610-526-7440 | Library and Help Desk hours
Email: help@brynmawr.eduService catalog
Location: Canaday Library 1st floor