Zoom: Get/log into a BMC account

Zoom is a web-conferencing tool with features that make it easier to run large collaborative meetings such as a collaborative whiteboard, polling, and breakout rooms.

Personal vs. BMC Zoom accounts

  • You can use a personal Zoom account to attend most meetings hosted by Bryn Mawr College faculty, students and staff.
  • However, all current Bryn Mawr College students and employees are eligible for accounts on Bryn Mawr College’s institutional Zoom license, and a BMC Zoom account:
    • Allows you to host meetings for up to 300 attendees with no time limits.
    • Is necessary to be an alternative host for a meeting hosted on a BMC Zoom account 
    • May be necessary to take full advantage of the Moodle and Panopto integrations.

Note: If you're not sure if you have a BMC account, read Zoom: Am I using A Bryn Mawr Zoom account?

Activate your BMC Zoom Account

If you have a personal Zoom account, do one of the following BEFORE you activate your BMC Zoom account:

When you’re ready to create your BMC Zoom account, follow the instructions to Log in to Your BMC Zoom Account: Use a Web Browser below. The first time you log into Zoom using the Sign in with SSO option and your Bryn Mawr College credentials your account will be activated.

If you run into any difficulty, please contact help@brynmawr.edu. (You may also need to contact Zoom support for help troubleshooting a personal account, since LITS cannot see or manage information about non-BMC accounts.)

Log Into Your BMC Zoom Account

You can log into your BMC Zoom account through the Zoom web portal or the Zoom desktop or mobile app.

Through the Zoom Web Portal

To log into your BMC Zoom Account using a web browser:

  1. Open a private or incognito window in your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  2. Go to brynmawr-edu.zoom.us
  3. Click Sign in with SSO. 
  4. If you are already logged into a College platform such as Outlook or Moodle, your Zoom profile page may open automatically; if not, you will be redirected to a Bryn Mawr login page to enter your college credentials and authenticate with Duo.
    Screenshot of Bryn Mawr's Webmail Sign In page, highlighting the link portion

With a Zoom Desktop or Mobile App

To log In to Your BMC Zoom Account through the Zoom Desktop or Mobile App:

  1. Download the Zoom desktop client or mobile app to your device(s)
  2. Click the Sign in with SSO (desktop client) or SSO (mobile app) button.
  3. If you are prompted for a company domain name enter brynmawr-edu (NOTE the hyphen, don’t use a dot!). 
  4. You will be redirected to a Bryn Mawr login page to log in and authenticate with Duo.

You may not be prompted to log in every time when using the Zoom desktop or mobile app on the same device.

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