Moodle: Customize your course

Moodle has several new features that allow you to customize your course. You may now Add a Description, Add an Image, and Star Courses. This article describes how to use each of these features.

Before you start, you may need the following:

  • an Instructor of Record or Other Editing Teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course.

Add a description

A description of your course is helpful when participants are browsing courses, especially during the shopping period. To add a description to your course site:

  • Go to your course’s homepage, Click (Actions menu), and choose Edit Settings.
  • Go to the Description drop-down, where you will see Course Summary text box. Here, you can add a brief description of your course. You can also include media (images, audio, video), links to the web, or files.
  • When you choose the Summary option to view courses in the Course Overview box on your dashboard, the course description will appear below the title of the course.

Add an image

You can now add an image to your course site. This image will appear on the Moodle dashboard when participants see your course. To add an image:

  • Go to your course’s homepage and click the Click (Actions menu) and choose Edit Settings.
  • Go Description drop-down, where you will see Course Summary and Course Image. You will be able to upload an image from your computer in the following file types: .gif, .jpg, and .png.
  • You can then add some metadata about your image, including the image’s author licensing properties.
  • After you are finished uploading your file and editing your course settings, click Save and Display to save your course image.
  • The course image will now appear when you choose the Card or Summary course view in the Course Overview box in your dashboard.

Star courses

You can also Star a course to select it as a favorite or pull up a list of starred courses. To star a course:

  • On your Moodle dashboard page, click the three stacked dots icon on your course block, and select, Star this course.
  • From the filtering menu in the Course Overview section, you can then filter to Starred Courses, among other options (courses in progress, in the past, future, or hidden courses).


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