Moodle: Access Course Evaluations

Bryn Mawr uses Watermark Course Evaluation and Surveys software to conduct end-of-semester course evaluations. Links and reminders within Moodle, make it easier for students to complete surveys and instructors to access response rates or responses. 

Before you start, you will need the following: 

  • to fill out course evaluations -- a Registered student role in a Bryn Mawr course that is currently being evaluated
  • to view response rates or responses -- an Instructor of record role in a Bryn Mawr course that is currently being or was evaluated or was evaluated in a prior term  

Students: Complete surveys

Once the course evaluation period for the current semester begins, you will see a pop-up reminder to Please Complete Your Course Evaluations, like the one pictured below, every time you access your Moodle Dashboard.  Please Complete your Course Evaluations reminder pop-up with

  • Click Go To Survey to begin your course evaluations. 
  • Click Do It Later to skip them for now; the reminder will pop up again the next time you access your Moodle Dashboard.  

You will also see an EvaluationKIT User Access block on your Moodle Dashboard with a link to each uncompleted course evaluation and its due date, as shown below.  

Student view of EvaluationKIT User Access, showing list of courses to evaluate.

Once you have completed all of your evaluations or the due date passes, this block and the reminders will disappear. 

Note: Please e-mail if a course that is missing or wrongly included.

Instructors: View response rates and responses

An EvaluationKit User Access block will appear on your Moodle dashboard as soon as course evaluations begin in the first term that you teach a Bryn Mawr course that gets evaluated.

EvaluationKIT User Access block with link

Click the link provided to:

  • View response rates for course evaluations that are currently underway (i.e., between the evaluation start and end dates).  
  • View responses to previous semesters' evaluations, beginning with Fall 2021. You will not see responses for the most recent semester until after the deadline to submit final semester grades.   

Note: Please see the Instructor FAQ below for more details.   


If the block or reminders don't appear ...

  1. Double-check that you should be seeing them:
    • Students should only see the block and reminders while course evaluations are underway. If course evaluations haven't started or the deadline to submit them has passed, then not seeing them is normal.  
    • If you are an Instructor of record and this is first semester you are teaching a Bryn Mawr course, you won't see the block until the course evaluation start date.
    • You won't see reminders for any Haverford courses, since these are not listed in Bryn Mawr's Moodle site. Use the links in the email you received from the Provost's Office instead; contact for assistance. 
  2. Clear your browser cache and/or open Moodle in an incognito or private browser window and try again. Many types of issues are fixed by clearing old cached data.
  3. Reset your Moodle Dashboard. By default, the EvaluationKIT User Access block appears just under the Calendar, but you may have moved or hidden it. Click Customize this page in the top right beneath your name, then click Reset page to default to restore the defaults, including this block.
  4. Use an alternative method to access the Watermark Course Evaluation and Surveys site:

Instructor FAQ

  • Why don’t I see the current semester’s courses in my Instructor Dashboard? If course evaluations have not yet started, this is completely normal. If you still don't see them once survey responses are being accepted, please contact
  • I see only response rates for [some] surveys, but not the responses. You should only see responses for past terms. Responses for the current term won't be visible until the deadline to submit final grades has passed.
  • I see data about the current semester, but grades haven’t yet been posted. It is normal to see response rates (the percentage of students who responded) while course evaluations are underway. Only the responses themselves are hidden until grades are posted.
  • My [past semester] classes are missing. The college began using Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys in Fall 2021 and it does not store any course evaluations older than this. Contact the Provost’s Office for help accessing older surveys.


If you have any additional questions or problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

Phone: 610-526-7440 | Library and Help Desk hours
Email: help@brynmawr.eduService catalog
Location: Canaday Library 1st floor