BMC On-Boarding Computing Checklist

The following applies to new BMC hires. For departing employees, see BMC Off-Boarding Computing Checklist.

When: you know you're hiring

This should occur ASAP, once you’re aware that a new hire is needed.

  1. Determine existing computing equipment¹
    ¹most equipment will need to be reimaged before use by the new hire
    • Predecessor’s primary computer?
    • Departmentally-owned computer?
  2. If no existing computing equipment is available…
    • Is one of the standard models suitable? See Computer Model Selections
    • Will the employee need to determine computing requirements for a custom configuration?

      Fulfillment times may vary based on LITS inventory and product availability. Thus, new employees may be provided a loaner laptop in the interim.

  3. Contact LITS with the above information

When: you know who will be hired

  1. Determine their phone extension
    • Will their predecessor’s extension be reassigned to them?
    • Do they need a new extension?
  2. Determine network drive access
    • Do they need read or write access to folders in the S:?
    • Do they need access to other drives such as Q: or T:?
  3. Determine if they require elevated permissions in BIONIC
  4. Determine shared email, calendars, and folders
    • Can they request access directly from the owner(s) of the mailbox, calendar, and files or does LITS need to share the items?
  5. Contact LITS with the above information

When: the employee has a start date

  1. Determine their availability on or around their start date
  2. Gather their contact information
  3. Contact LITS with the above information to schedule the deployment of their College-provided machine

When: the employee starts

  1. Ensure they’ve setup their college account. See our College Password: Setup & Update guide.
  2. Have them review our College Deskphone: Setup & Use guide.
  3. Have them login to their desk phone. See our Log In & Voicemail Setup guide.


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