Password managers: Overview

This article reviews what a Password Manager is and how to use one.

What is a password manager?

A service or feature that stores and autofills your credentials.

LITS highly recommends using a dedicated password manager service, rather than one built-in to a browser.

Why? How are they different? 

Common Features

  • Securely store usernames, passwords, and other information
  • Automatically store newly created accounts
  • Securely autofill credentials when logging in
  • Generate unique, complex, secure passwords

How do I use a password manager?

The following is a generalization and may not apply to all managers.
The following screenshots were taken from LastPass.

  • Passwords are stored in a centralized Vault
  • The Vault is accessed via desktop
    …or mobile
  • The Vault is unlocked with a master password
  • Logging into a new website prompts the manager to automatically store the credentials
  • Stored credentials will autofill when you login into that site

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