Piazza: Use with Moodle

Piazza is an external "Q and A" or discussion platform that instructors can link to a Moodle course. Piazza is similar to the built-in Moodle Forum activity, but has additional features designed to can help instructors manage discussions and ensure students can ask questions and get meaningful answers in large courses. LITS manages a small institutional license for Piazza that enables ad-free use. 

Warning: Unlike Moodle, which the College hosts internally on its own servers, Piazza is a third-party platform that Piazza maintains on servers they control. Use of Piazza is subject to their terms of service and privacy policy. Be sure you understand how you and your students' content and data will be used before adopting this tool.

Before you start, you may need the following:

  • a teacher role in a Bryn Mawr Moodle course (i.e., Instructor of record, Other editing teacher, Non-editing teacher)

Link to/Create a Piazza Class from a Moodle Course

You do not need to create a Piazza class before starting, but it's OK if you have -- you will be able to link it to your Moodle course in the final step. 

  1. Open the course and click Turn editing on (if it isn't on already).
  2. Click +Add an activity or resource.

  1. Select Piazza.

Activities box showing the Piazza icon

  1. Type in an Activity name, then click Save and Display at the bottom of the screen.
  2. When the Piazza Setup page appears, check that your email is correct and click Continue.

  1. If prompted, follow Piazza's instructions for confirming your email address.
  2. Once your email address is confirmed, select the appropriate option:
    • Create a new Piazza class for your Moodle course
    • Attach your Moodle course to a Piazza class you've already created

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