Zoom: Host a meeting

Before you start, this article assumes you:

Note: Some hosting features are not available on mobile devices and reduced screen size can be challenging. We recommend using a computer to host meetings that are large or complex.

Hosts, co-hosts and alternative hosts

Zoom meetings and webinars can only have one host. You can share meeting management powers with other people by making them co-hosts or alternative hosts.

  • To enable others to start a meeting, add them as alternative hosts in the meeting settings. (Note: these people must also have a BMC Zoom account.)
  • The person (host or alternative host) who starts the meeting automatically becomes the host.
    • Alternative hosts who join after a meeting is started become co-hosts.
    • The host can also make other participants to be co-hosts during the meeting .
    • New for 2021: if the person who created the meeting joins after the meeting has started, they will automatically become the host and the alternative host will become a co-host (or participant if the co-host role is disabled).
  • Co-hosts can do everything that the host can do, EXCEPT start closed captioning, start live streaming, enable the waiting room, end the meeting for all, and promote others to co-host.

Start the meeting

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click on a Zoom meeting link. Zoom will launch the web portal or desktop or mobile app for you. Choose the Sign in with SSO option to log in if prompted.
    • Go to brynmawr-edu.zoom.us, open your Zoom desktop or mobile app, or open the Zoom activity in your Moodle course; find the meeting you want to start; and click the Start or Start this Meeting button.
  2. When prompted, click Join with Computer Audio
  3. Click on the Microphone icon to mute/unmute yourself and the Camera icon to turn your webcam on/off

Admit participants

If the waiting room is enabled, a host and co-hosts will will see pop-up notifications whenever someone enters the waiting room and needs to be admitted.

  1. Click Manage Participants to open the Participants list. Individuals in the waiting room are at the top.
  2. Click Admit all to let everyone in.
  3. To selectively admit people, click the Remove and Admit buttons next to their names (hover the cursor over the names if you don’t see these buttons).
  4. Click Message to post a message to the waiting room screen — for example, to explain a delayed start or give people participation instructions.

Share screens and files

  1. Click Share Screen
  2. You may need to grant Zoom access for screen-sharing and recording. If so, follow the pop-up prompts provided by Zoom.
  3. Zoom covers the difference between the available options of screen and file sharing.

Caution: Zoom should not be used for any kind of permanent file storage, use OneDrive or Panopto instead.

Manage the meeting


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