Moodle: Export files and coursework

LITS strongly recommends that students and instructors export copies of course files that they wish to keep long-term and archive them outside of Moodle. We suggest this for a few reasons. First, although our Moodle policies guarantee that courses will remain available to individuals with a Teacher role on Moodle’s servers for at least two years, Teachers may need and can choose to hide courses from everyone else after a semester ends. Second, Moodle is not designed for long-term file storage; using a bibliographic tool like Zotero or file storage (OneDrive, network drive, hard drive) instead generally makes it easier to manage, find and re-use your files in the future. Finally, all faculty, students and staff lose access to college-provided platforms like Moodle when they graduate or leave the College; routinely archiving course files outside of Moodle can make it easier to take them with you when that time comes.

  • If you already have copies of files that you have uploaded into Moodle or downloaded while completing coursework, you don’t need to download these again. Simply move them to your preferred location for long-term storage.
  • Please note that downloading, use, and storage of Moodle content is subject to the College’s Acceptable Use, Copyright Policy, and Data Handling policies. If you have any questions about this policies or how they apply, please email

We have added two new features to Moodle to facilitate end-of-semester archiving: Download Center for course files and Export to Portfolio, for assignment submissions and chat, forum and glossary posts.

Download course content

  1. On the Edit Settings menu of your course, click the option Download Course Content.Moodle course menu highlighting the
  2. On the dialogue box that will appear, select Download. You will be able to download all course files as a single, zipped folder.
    Screenshot showing the Download course content option, and the Download button (blue)
  3. If you only need a back-up of the files, store this zipped folder “as is” on a hard drive, a network drive or cloud-storage platfom (e.g., OneDrive).
  4. If you need to access and reuse the files, unzip the folder and upload the files to a bibliographic tool like Zotero (which allows you to enter and search by bibliographic data or notes) or to a hard drive, network drive or cloud storage platform.

Export to portfolio

To download assignments you have submitted, use the Export to Portfolio links at the bottom of Assignment Submission pages and Chat, Forum or Glossary posts to save copies of those items outside of Moodle, as shown below.
Screenshot of the Submission status screen, showing the link to

  • Registered students and Auditors can only export copies of their own submissions and posts, and only one at a time.
  • Teachers can export all posts in a discussion thread and can download all student submissions for an Assignment at once. To do this, select View All Submissions, and then Download All Submissions.
    Screenshot showing a blue box that shows the option: View All Submissions
    Screenshot highlighting the option to download all submissions

Tip: Click Activities and then an Activity type, such as Assignments or Forum the left side bar to list all activities of that type on a single page. This can make it easier to make sure you’ve captured all of the submissions of a certain type.


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