Moodle: Join Zoom meetings from Moodle

If your Moodle course contains a Zoom activity, you will be able to see and join any meetings created through it in several different ways.

From a Zoom activity

  1. Open the Moodle course and click on the Zoom activity.
  2. The Upcoming Meetings tab lists all future course meetings — click the Join button next to a meeting to join it (or the Start button if you are the meeting host).
  3. The Cloud Recordings tab will house links for any previous meetings that were recorded to the Cloud. By default, these are also uploaded to the “Recorded Meetings” folder of the recorder’s personal Panopto folder (My Folder).

If you are the meeting host, you will see Delete buttons next to meetings, which you can use to cancel them. If you need to edit meeting settings or reschedule a meeting, click on the meeting topic, then Edit meeting. (You can also log into Zoom to edit and delete meetings.)

From the Moodle Calendar

  1. Click   Calendar in the left sidebar. (If the left sidebar is not visible, click the   (three bars) at the top left to unhide it.)
  2. Find the event for the meeting you want to join and click on it to open.
  3. Click on the “Click here to join Zoom Meeting … ” link as show below.

From within Zoom

  1. Log into your BMC Zoom account at or launch the Zoom desktop or phone app.
  2. Your course-related meetings will show up in the Upcoming Zoom meetings (among other scheduled meetings).
  3. Start, join, and/or edit meetings just as you would any other Zoom meetings.


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